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The basics
South Korea: Student Finances - Must read

Tuition fees in South Korea

What is the cost of studying abroad in South Korea? Read our full guide on tuition fees for international students...

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Planning on studying in South Korea? It’s important that you work out all the costs in advance so that you can budget and make the most out of your experience. You’ll be pleased to know that tuition fees are actually very low when compared to studying in the US or the UK. Here’s an overview of the costs so you can start budgeting for an incredible experience in South Korea!


How much does it cost?

Costs differ from university to university, but are generally more expensive at private universities. No matter where you study, though, you should factor in about £15 per month for medical insurance.


Private universities

These universities can range from £2100 to £4300 per semester for an undergraduate degree, and £2600 to £5000 per semester for graduate degrees. The prices usually differ for the type of degree you are getting, with humanities based degrees costing less than science or medical degrees.


Public and National universities

Public and national universities in South Korea are less expensive than private universities. An undergraduate degree at these types of institutions usually ranges from £1400 to £3200 per semester, and postgraduate degrees can cost anywhere from £1700 to £3600 per semester. Tuition fees at these universities can also differ by subject in the same way as private universities so it’s important to check the course details carefully!


Additional costs

Other costs you’re likely to encounter when planning your studies in South Korea are an application fee (which usually costs from £35 to £105) accommodation fees, transportation and internet. For more information on accommodation costs check out this article.


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