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The basics
Sweden: Destination Guides

A Scandinavian Experience

Find out what is it like study abroad in Sweden and experience your student life the Scandinavian way.

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A Scandinavian kingdom of 9 million inhabitants with almost 2 million living in and around the capital - Stockholm, urban Sweden is very modern, innovative and stylish.  On the other hand, it is also a leading country in environmental conservation, half of the country is covered with breathtaking forest while lakes and rivers make up 10% of its surface area, creating a harmonious balance between modernity/development and conservation/nature.


Why Sweden for a Higher Education?


High Standards of Academic Excellence

Swedish universities encourage and practise independent thinking and investigative research backed with rigorous quality control and certified degrees. All education standards are assessed and maintained by the National Agency for Higher Education and by the institutions. A student-centric educational system that emphasizes on open and informal relations between students and teachers, teaching is often done in a less formal atmosphere such as in groups, which encourages collaboration and discussion. Its reputation for innovation is demonstrated through close relationship/cooperation between industry and academia, allowing students to get a distinct advantage when entering the job market. Sweden is one of the largest music-exporting countries in the world and also home to the prestigious academic distinction – the Nobel Prize. 


Cutting-edge of Technology and Inventions

In Sweden, innovation and creativity run deep; the country is home to world famous brands and inventions such as Volvo, Ericsson, the pacemaker, the Celsius thermometer, ultrasound diagnostics and etc, these achievements are a true testament to Sweden’s advancement in research and technology. International students will find this small country a world of wonders and inspiration.


Active Lifestyle

During summer, cycling, swimming, tennis, soccer, canoeing and hiking are popular activities while in the winter, skiing and ice-skating become the main event. Whether hot or cold, Sweden has something wonderful to offer, never a lack of glorious scenery, (including the mesmerizing beauty of the Northern Lights), Sweden is ideal for students looking for something that will take their breath away.


English Spoken

It’s easy to live in the Swedish society when it comes to communication or language. As English is taught as a compulsory secondary language in Swedish schools, you will find that almost all Swedes speak fluent English. With the widespread use of English, international students will find no difficulty in adapting to their new exciting environment.


A safe and peaceful country with top-notch universities and a deep-rooted creative environment, studying abroad in Sweden is not going to disappoint, far from it, students will find it hard not to fall in love with the country.