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The basics
Sweden: Student Finances

3 Scholarships in Sweden to start you off...

Learn about three key scholarships for international students in Sweden

University of Gothenburg Sweden

Sweden may be beautiful, but the cost of living is amongst the world’s highest. EU students will not pay tuition fees to study in Sweden, but for those who do need to pay fees the idea of studying at a Swedish university might seem a financial nightmare. Not to worry: as well as those that might be given by your home university or government, Sweden offers plenty of scholarships for international students.  They are awarded by three types of body: the Swedish government, your host institution and external funding bodies. Whilst these bodies offer a range of scholarships across all study levels and most study areas, we’ve outlined three standout scholarship options to help get your study abroad plans on the road.


If you aren’t eligible for any of the scholarships listed, don’t worry: we’ve included plenty of links and tips to point you in the right direction to find the funding option for you.


Scholarship Bodies

Swedish Institute Study Scholarships

The Swedish Institute (SI) is the Swedish government body that awards scholarships to international students. The SI offers a range of scholarships across a number of study areas, mainly at Postgraduate level. Many of the scholarships are country-specific, whilst others favour students studying in a specific, focused area. You can pursue these options from the Study in Sweden website.


Students will also have the chance to participate in a scholarship competition, in which they must complete an academic challenge that demonstrates their skills in a particular study area. The winner is awarded a scholarship to complete their studies in Sweden.


Find a Scholarship on the Study in Sweden Website

Learn more about Swedish Scholarship Competitions


Host University

Most Swedish universities offer a range of scholarships and funding options to students enrolled in one of their study programmes. Each university will have a list of the scholarships they offer on their website, as well as particulars of the application process. You are also more likely to find funding for your Bachelors studies through your host institution.


Check if your Host University Offers Scholarships


External Funding Bodies

These types of scholarships are usually very subject-specific and are always retrievable via a company or funding body’s website. Many of the bodies are international and may have different requirements for students from different countries. The University of Gothenburg has a comprehensive list of scholarships available from external funding bodies.


You can also search for externally granted funding through scholarship search engines such as Scholarship-Links or Find a PhD.



Swedish Institute Study Scholarship

Available to fee-paying, prospective Masters students of any age, a total of 550 scholarships will be awarded in 2014/2015. Funding is awarded by complete study programme, and you will need to check whether your programme is eligible via the Study in Sweden website.


Students on this scholarship will have their tuition fees paid in full by the Swedish government, and will be allowed SEK9,000 (US$1,388) in living expenses per month. You will also receive a one-time travel grant of SEK15,000 (US$2,314). Selection is based on intellectual merit and leadership potential, and seeks to allow a diverse range of students to complete their studies in Sweden.


When you are awarded the scholarship, you will also be invited to join the SI Network for Future Global Leaders—a graduate global network where students can exchange ideas and form professional ties.


This scholarship is awarded every year, and application instructions are posted annually on the Study in Sweden website closer to the February application dates. You can keep an eye on any changes and updates to this programme online.


Check if your Masters Programme is eligible


International Federation of University Women (IFUW)

This international organisation awards annual fellowships and grants to women studying and completing training at Postgraduate level. You are still eligible to apply for funding if you are not a member, but will need to pay an administration fee. You must be able to show that your study programme aligns with IFUW’s ethos of advocating for women’s rights, equality and empowerment. Including Sweden, IFUW is affiliated with 61 different countries.


Fellowships are awarded for the second and subsequent years of a PhD programme. You will need to submit proof that you’ve completed the first year of your programme by the time of the application deadline. If you are successful, you will receive funding for up to 8-12 months of research work.


Students enrolled in other Postgraduate programmes, or undertaking specific training or independent research at Postgraduate level may apply for a grant. Grants are awarded for a minimum of 2 months of work. There are between 16-25 fellowships and grants in each competition round, and amounts awarded vary depending on the nature of your study programme and of the competition.


Application forms and procedures are the same for both grants and fellowships, and students must apply through their local IFUW nation headquarters.


Find your nearest IFUW headquarters


Rotary Foundation Global Grants for Development

The Rotary Foundation awards funding for Postgraduate study programmes that address one of six focus areas: peace and conflict resolution, disease prevention and treatment, water and sanitation, maternal and child health, basic education and literacy, and economic and community development. The minimum amount awarded is US$15,000 per programme, and the maximum is US$200,000. You are eligible if your Postgraduate coursework or research programme is between one-four years.


To apply, you will need to demonstrate how your proposed study programme will address one of the above focus areas in regards to community needs, and be able to outline your long-term plans to continue work in this area after completing your studies. Applications are considered on a rolling basis, and can take up to 90 days to process. Therefore, you should be sure to apply as early as possible.


Your application must be supported by at least one Rotary club in Sweden, and another outside of Sweden. You MUST be able to prove you have been accepted into a Swedish institution to apply. You can apply for a Global Grant online.


Feeling inspired to pursue your study abroad dreams? Browse course in Sweden now and kick-start your planning process!


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