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Earning an MBA in Sweden

Interested in what it takes to earn an MBA in Sweden? Our guides cover the three universities that offer MBA's and what criteria is needed for admission.

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A Master’s in Business Administration can be a useful degree. Partnered with many other course focuses, this degree can give an edge up to those seeking professional development within the job market. Most countries around the world offer MBA programmes, but due to language barriers, exchange rates and qualifications, it can be difficult earning this degree just anywhere. Our student editor Ashley covers what it takes to earn an MBA in Sweden.


In Sweden there currently are three universities that offer MBA degrees. These universities are Gävle University College, University of Borås, and the Blekinge Institute of Technology. Each offer a unique MBA program and each have their own criteria for admissions and price level. Similarities between the programmes are that they’re all one year courses and are taught in English. Even though there are only three universities, each is able to provide a quality course with unique aspects due to location and student dynamic.


Gävle University College

The course focus is on international business, excellent criteria for international students looking for a study abroad programme. To be admitted to the course international students must have an undergraduate qualification either in business administration, or a suitable degree. The suitable degree depends on the international student’s home country and should be checked with Gävle University College directly. English requirement is as follows: IELTS – 6.5 overall, no section below 5.5. TOEFL (paper) score of 4.5 on the written exam and an overall of 575. (Internet) score of 20 on the written exam and an overall total score of 90. The university is located in the oldest city of Sweden’s northern islands, Gävle.


University of Borås

Through a scientific approach, the MBA course at the University of Borås is also globally set but seeks to prepare academically and practically for handling unique business administrative issues tailored to the student. International students must have an undergraduate degree with a major or course focus in business administration. English qualifications can be proven through a Certificate of Proficiency, or a diploma of English studies. IELTS scores much a minimum overall of 6.5. TOEFL (paper) a 4.5 must be achieved in the written test with an overall end result of 575. (Internet) The written exam needs a score of 20 and overall total of 90. Please be sure to double check with the chosen university in case there are extra requirements. The University of Borås is a public university located in Borås, which is located along the nationwide railway system.


Blekinge Institute of Technology

Blekinge Institute of Technology’s MBA programme is a bit different from the others as it’s designed for engineers and to further their education to move forward in their careers. The course dips into subjects such as finance, marketing and strategy. International students are required to have an undergraduate degree with a technical focus and ideally a Master of Science in Engineering. If a student doesn’t have an MSe, two years of work experience following the undergraduate degree is expected. English requirements for the TOEFL are overall 575 for paper and overall of 90 for the Internet. IELTS need to be 6.5 with no section below 5.5. University of Cambridge and Oxford English requirement tests are also accepted, but for specifics double check with the university. Located in Blekinge, south Sweden, the province is the second smallest in the country.


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