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The basics
Sweden: Visa Guides - Must read

Study in Sweden: Visa guidelines for Singaporean students

Guidelines on how to get a student visa in Sweden for Singaporean students.

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For a course of study that lasts longer than 3 months in Sweden, you will need to hold a valid residence permit, which must be obtained prior to arriving into the country.


For Singaporean students, you may apply for the residence permit online via the Migration Board website www.migrationsverket.se. Apart from being the quickest and most efficient way, as the application can be completed in less than 30 minutes, the online tool also ensures that the document checklist is ‘complete’ as you go along.


Then, the application will be processed in Sweden and will take around 2 weeks to complete, although take note that with delivery, it could take up to 3 weeks in total.


However, in the mean time whilst waiting, you will still need to book an appointment to organize for submission of your biometric data  (UT card), as part of the new EU regulations since 2011. This card will contain your photo, electronic signature and 2 fingerprints. It is advised not to wait for the result of the resident permit before organising for this biometric card (if you have applied online), as you could be wasting time waiting for it. If you are applying for the residence permit in person at the Swedish embassy, then you could also submit your biometric data details at the same time.


If you are applying for the residence permit in person, you will have to download form No. 105031 from the Migration Board website, and bring all supporting documents with you. The application will cost SEK 1000 each (around SGD $180).


You will basically need to bring your Singapore passport, Singapore I/C (and student card, if you have one), letter of acceptance or certificate from the university in Sweden showing that you have been granted to study full-time, proof of health insurance to cover the full duration of your stay in Sweden, and finally you will need to show evidence of funds that you could support yourself. The minimum is SEK 7300 (around SGD $1300) a month for 10 months a year.


To make arrangements for an appointment at the Swedish Embassy in Singapore, pls contact them at +65 64159720. Their opening hours for permit and biometric card applications are every Tuesday and Thursday, from 9am to 12pm and 2pm to 4pm.


For more information about studying in the Sweden, go to www.hotcourses.com.sg/sweden.

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