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Business management and accounting degrees in the UK

We weigh up all the considerations of doing a business management and accounting degree in the UK

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Considering a degree in business management and accounting? Receiving your degree in the UK will not only give you an excellent educational experience, but it will also give you the opportunity for cultural enrichment and allow you to make connections from around the world. The UK may be one of the most expensive places to live in the world, but it’s likely that it will be worth every penny…


Why study in the UK?

If you are interested in studying at one of the world’s top institutions for Business management and accounting, then the UK is an excellent choice. According to the QS World University Rankings by Subject, four of the top ten schools are in the UK, and an additional six are in the top 50. These schools include The University of Oxford, which is ranked at number two behind Harvard University in the US; London School of Economics and Political Science, ranked at number three; the University of Cambridge which is ranked at number four; and London Business School which is ranked at number seven.


Other top schools in the UK include: University of Manchester, University of Warwick, Imperial College London, University of Nottingham, Lancaster University and University of Edinburgh.


Choosing to study at any of these schools will certainly lead you down a path of success in your pursuit of a degree in business management and accounting.


Cost of attendance

 So what’s the cost of attending one of these great universities? Tuition for studying a course in business management and accounting in the UK can cost anywhere between £10,000 and £25,000 per year on average. Furthermore, you will need to be prepare for a generally high cost of living.  


The cost to receive your degree in Sri Lanka is much more affordable, however, choosing to study abroad gives you the opportunity to study at better schools, as well as gives you the opportunity to build connections from around the world.


Length of Study

A bachelor’s degree in the UK takes around 3 years to complete. To obtain a master’s degree, it could take up from one to two years.  Receiving these degrees in Sri Lanka takes about the same length of time, but may not offer some of the opportunities that studying at a top school in the UK would offer.


Job prospects

Obtaining your degree in business management and accounting will open the doors for many career opportunities whether you study in the UK or in Sri Lanka, but, receiving your degree from a top university will make you a stronger candidate and vastly improve your opportunities. A degree in business management and accounting in the UK will prepare you for a career in accounting, or it can give you an extra edge for a career in business and business management, depending on which route you choose to go with your career. Studying in the UK can open up opportunities for getting started in your career back home in Sri Lanka, or remaining in the UK as you move into your career. Receiving your degree in Sri Lanka would not give you the same opportunity for travel or a career outside of Sri Lanka.


Receiving your degree abroad is something that can propel you forward in life. It gives you new connections, new opportunities, more schools and programmes to choose from, and the ability to make more money and work in other countries. For more information on studying in the UK, please visit one of the university websites.

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