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Change your study environment to promote better studying


Studying doesn’t always have to take place in your dorm or the university library. They may be more convenient, but research has shown that a new environment and a change could promote better memory recall. On top of that, if you’re away from university grounds where you’re likely to bump into friends and feel tempted to shorten the study hours, a different place will enable you to achieve your target.



Whether it’s a chain café like Starbucks or one of the quirky ones down the alley, sitting in a café is a great way to spend your afternoon with your head buried in your textbooks. Students who are not affected by noisy surroundings will like the hustle and bustle of the bigger cafes while the quieter places will be good for discussions and study groups.



Studying doesn’t have to be boring. It doesn’t always have to be about locking yourself up in a room, away from everyone in total silence. Remember all those times spent on bus journeys and trying to kill time with a good novel? Why not substitute that with your course textbook? If you’re travelling home on a long bus ride, study on the bus. Alternatively, spend your Saturday looking out of a bus window and enjoying the ride while at the same time, stopping to read.



Bring a mat, pack some lunch and head to the park to do some revision. Sitting under the sun and being able to pry your eyes away from pages and pages of texts to see some greenery is not only highly recommended for your eyes, but will make you feel more refreshed and rejuvenated.



From benches along the river to those in cemeteries, there’s nothing wrong with parking yourself at benches to do some serious study. If you’re not superstitious and think ghosts are actually friendlier than most people, then getting your work done in the cemetery can be pretty calming. It’s quiet, serene and you’ll hardly be bothered by others. If you choose to sit by the riverside, the rippling of the waves is sure to keep you relaxed and focused.



There’s always a lot going on in squares – there are gigs, street performances and sometimes, little parties as the public breaks into small dance routines. Studying in a place like this can be entertaining. It allows you to do some study, rest and enjoy the ongoings around you. For those who are hoping to do some short bursts of revision, then a square is a good place to hang out.


Local libraries

If all else fails, then head to the local library where you’ll be able to use the resources, the available computers and internet connection to finish your assignments. The formal set up is perfect for those who wish to complete hours and hours of serious study. It is advisable to sign up to become a member of your local library so that you can use its facilities. If studying in a building becomes tiresome, take a walk to the gardens or its surrounding area for a breath of fresh air.


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