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Top universities to secure a job upon graduation

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There’s one main reason students choose to go to university – to ultimately gain a well-paid job upon graduation. We’ve looked at all the university rankings for student employability and spoken to past graduates, so here’s a lay down of our top universities for getting a job.


University of Stirling

stirling university

Famous for its law school which is housed in the 18th century Airthrey Castle, 94% of its students gain work or pursue further education six months after graduation.


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University of York

university of york

Part of the Russell Group of leading research universities, University of York has an impressive track record for graduate employment. 94% of its students gain work or pursue higher education upon course completion.


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University of Bristol

university of bristol

The University of Bristol boasts 25 impressive academic schools and a graduate employment of 94.3%. It has also made it into the Times Higher Education University Ranking 2014, making it a popular choice of university amongst students.


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University of Cambridge


Having made it into the top 10 best universities in the world, the University of Cambridge is a prestigious place to pursue your degree. Its top quality in research and dedicated lecturers have produced some of the world’s best leaders. 95% of Cambridge graduates snap up employment immediately after graduation.


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Newcastle University

university of newcastle

If you think that it’s only the Royals who benefit from studying at Princess Eugenie’s alma mater, then you’ve got it wrong. Apart from offering a wide range of courses taught by professionals in the industry, a whopping 95.4% of graduates move straight onto jobs after study.


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The University of Northampton

university of northampton

The university specializes in vocational courses, preparing students for the working world. From its strong team of lecturers, career advisors and helpful guide in securing jobs, an impressive 95.6% of students gain jobs soon after graduating.


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Robert Gordon University

robert gordon university

Based in Aberdeen, Robert Gordon University records a huge 97.6% of graduates walking into jobs after leaving university. Alternatively, complete a distance learning programme with Robert Gordon University with an online degree in Malaysia or check out some of the local universities that offer twinning programmes.


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