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Best international universities in the UK

Want to study abroad in the UK? Check out these universities for a truly “international” experience.


Want to study in the UK? Check out these three universities. 


University of Dundee

Founded in 1881, the University of Dundee has consistently been rated best in Scotland in the annual Times Higher Education Student Experience Survey and among the top 10 for excellent facilities and curriculum. Located in the heart of Dundee, it is a five-minute walk from the city’s shops, bars, arts and leisure venues, yet it is still quiet and relaxed enough for you to study. The institute also boasts a sizable number of international students, they make up 16% of the international student population. You can choose from courses at any level- undergraduate, postgraduate and research degrees.

With a large offering of subject disciplines from life sciences, literature, business to engineering and even medicine. There are also several online access courses, part-time degree programmes and pre-sessional programmes available.




University of Bristol

Established more than a century ago, the University of Bristol offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate programme. From the arts to biomedical sciences and everything else in between, you’ll find a course that calls to you. A research-intensive university, you can look forward to honing your research skills while you’re there.

Rated amongst the world’s best for employability, the university scoring highly thanks to its partnerships and reputation with employers and holds one of the best employment record in the UK. Furthermore, it is within the top 50 in the QS rankings and the proud home to 13 Nobel prize winners.

An international university with staff and students hailing from more than 120 countries, the institute is located in the vibrant city of Bristol. Bristol is one of those unique cities that are big enough to be exciting, but still small enough to be safe. With an emphasis on practical learning, classes are smaller in size, ensuring that you have more time with your tutors. Maria Prilepa, a graduate who took a Bachelor’s in Economics from Russia shared that there are “a lot of opportunities to develop your skills” and that the university has helped enrich her student life. Check out more of what other students have to say about Bristol here.





Based on the campus of Coventry University, Oncampus Coventry offers international foundation, diploma and Master’s qualifying programmes. These programmes prepare you for your chosen degree or Master’s at Coventry University. Located in the central area of the warm and friendly city of Coventry, students have easy access to all the amenities- sports facilities, restaurants, cafes, and transport. There are many subject fields that you can choose from- engineering, business, computer science, humanities and sciences. Students studying at ONCAMPUS Coventry are guaranteed progression to Coventry University on successful completion of their Foundation programme. Han Wenn from Malaysia expressed his satisfaction with the course at Coventry that was challenging and he felt that he was “always learning and.. improving all the time”. Check out what other students had to say about Coventry here.


Want to study in the UK? Check out the courses available here.

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