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City University London student: "Studying abroad has changed me." [INTERVIEW]

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Yasmin Jasmy is currently a student at City University London, where she studies Media Studies and Sociology.

She is interested in the field mentioned above as it will provide her the tools that she needs to get closer to where her heart is, which is to help those who are less fortunate.

She's very independent and adventurous, and she's willing to step out of her comfort zone in order to grow and explore the world!

She recently came back from a solo trip around Europe and here she shares both her experiences as a Malaysian student in London and as a traveler.


·         Tell us a bit about yourself

malaysian student, university city london, yasmin jasmy

"My name's Yasmin. I was born in Malaysia and am the eldest of four. I currently study at City University London, studying Media Studies and Sociology."


·         What is your academic and career goal?

malaysian student, city university london
"My goal is to help people who are less fortunate- whether they were born into it or if they were brought to it in life. I wish to have a career that pushes me toward that direction- no matter what it is. I study Media Studies and Sociology so that gives me a strong platform about the mechanisms of the Media industry and the functions of society. I strive to become a worldly individual. I am drawn to the idea of discovering and educating myself about culture and its many colours."


·         What inspired you to study abroad (Specifically London and City University)?

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"I've always wanted to study in the UK. As a kid I've always loved London- its history, culture, the buildings (architecture).  My father used to study at City University, therefore I chose to study there as well. It had this certain appeal to it and I was just very attracted to this institute. City University is also one of the top universities in the UK (and also the world) for Media Studies and Social Sciences, so that's another good reason to be attracted to this university!"


·         What have you learned so far from living abroad?

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"I have learned so many things! I really grew up from living abroad- I learned everything from cooking, to making new friends from different cultures, to being broke by the end of the month and learning to deal with it by learning how to be more economical.

I value my time abroad so much because it has changed me, it has made me a much better person. Living abroad has also broadened my horizons, made me more tolerant, and definitely more open-minded."


·         What is the biggest difference you notice from studying in-country and studying abroad?

"Studying in-country means being with the same people of the same culture everyday, some might even be the people you went to highschool with- there's not much to learn, whereas studying abroad gives you the opportunity to meet different people, people from all walks of life, who ultimately teach you a thing or two. You learn so much more from being in a different environment. Studying abroad forces you out of your comfort zone, thus changing you as an individual."


·         What do you do in your free-time to take a break from studying?

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"I read, I call up a friend for coffee, I sit at home and watch TV. I don't do anything too interesting in my free time. However, during term breaks I do steal some time to travel. That is where my heart is- Travelling."


·         Your 5 favourite things about London

1. "I get to travel to and around Europe very easily."

2. "Cheap food. Haha. It's fairly easy to survive here on a student budget."

3. "Its unique culture and character. The Underground, the buses, just the general personality of the city."

4. "NOT its weather. Having said that, Summer in London however is just beautiful."

5. "There's always something happening in London! I love that I still have a lot to discover about London. When you really look into it, you will find something you love about London, whether it be markets, or attractions, or a pub, there will be something for you in London."


·         What do you hope to get by the end of your study here?

"More travelling up my sleeve, more friends from other parts of the world, I hope to have discovered more places in London, and connections for work. ;) "

-End of interview-


From interviewing Yasmin Jasmy, I could definitely sense a worldly glow about her thanks to her time and experience in living overseas and travelling around Europe.

I'm sure she'll be able to get where she wants in her career and I'm confident she will be able to live her dreams in seeing even more of the world.

If you're inspired by Yasmin's story as I am, then check out below for useful links that will help you follow in her footsteps and live your dreams of studying, and living overseas!


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