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Malaysian Law student at Northumbria University [INTERVIEW]

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Zazilia Mohd. Rawi is a Malaysian who is currently studying law at Northumbria University.

She loves the party life and isn't shy about admitting it. Even so, she is still focused on what she needs to do, and that is to pass her degree with flying colors. She definitely believes in the phrase "Party Hard and Study Hard".

Here she talks about her experience in studying in Newcastle and what the main differences are between studying in-country and in the UK.


Tell us a bit about yourself.

malaysian girl studying in northumbria university

(Picture above is from a short film that Zazilia was involved in)

"My name is Zazilia Mohd. Rawi and I'm a final year LLB (law) student in Northumbria University, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. I also used to study in HELP University back in KL."


Why did you choose to study a Law degree at Northumbria University?


"A Law degree is a highly regarded undergraduate qualification and it provides me essential tools and knowledge to succeed in many aspects of life. It is a tough subject but rewarding at the end of the day. Northumbria University offers many pathways to those who plan to be in the legal world, and recently the Law Student Office, our very own law clinic has been awarded the prestigious Queen’s Anniversary Prize for Higher and Further Education for its excellence in free legal services to the members of the public."


What is the main difference you found between studying in HELP and Northumbria University?

"Definitely the facilities and environment. Everything here is in top notch quality and up to date with their technology from synchronising emails with phone texts and lecture material. Plus, the perks of having A student union that looks after the students welfare means cheaper food, cheaper everything!"


Tell us what you liked about HELP.

help university students

"Definitely the friends I made there. Some of the people I met there were just really wonderful and I consider some of them even life-long friends. No regrets in going to HELP for sure because of that."


Tell us what you liked about Northumbria University.

"Lecturers are friendlier, helpful, and the administration is efficient. They offer a variety of subjects and they also provide career guidance where students are able to gain detailed insight of their chosen careers as well as opportunities to get employed after graduation. Not forgetting to mention, they hold many important talks and seminars for students, which is really good especially when the speakers are very reputable and highly regarded as experts in their field, such as the QCs, judges, and Officers from local councils."


What do you like about the university besides the academic side of it?

malaysian students in the uk

"The students, as I get to know many people from around the world and learn about various cultures."


What have you learned so far from living and studying in the UK?


"Living independently, managing my own finances and schedules. I have become more disciplined in time management as being punctual is a big deal here. No Malaysian time! If its 10AM, its 10AM, not 10.55AM."


Tell us a bit on how your course will help you in getting to your dream career.

"I hope that with this degree I can make a difference in Malaysia. I’m hoping to hold a ministerial post some day. Haha…"


What are your living conditions like?

malaysian students in the uk

"I live in student halls. I’m not to happy about it probably because I don’t like sharing, but I guess that is why I'm here, to learn to live with people from different cultures learn to find common ground with them. Cooperation and consideration is something I learnt here, for example, cleaning my own mess in the kitchen and not blasting loud music late at night."


What is the biggest difference you notice from studying in Malaysia and studying in the UK?

malaysian student at church

"Biggest difference : efficiency and amenities. People really do their work here accordingly and follow the system, which is not the case in Malaysia. Vending machines,computers, libraries, gym and everything they provide here can be used and utilised properly unlike Malaysia…. (I love the bean bags here! So many of them!)"


What do you do in your free-time to take a break from studying?

malaysian party girls

"Partying. A lot of partying! I am not kidding. Newcastle is famous for it. They have student events most of the nights. Besides that, I usually take a walk around the city, have coffees, spend some quality time with friends, I do travel around in the UK when I have the time, and the beach is here is beautiful, it’s good for the mind as I really get to relax and unwind. Haha."


What advice would you give to Malaysians who are planning to go and study in the UK?

malaysian party girl

"Just pack up and go. Do not hesitate, do not worry about being away from home, comfort zone, and family because the experience here is so worth it and you will not regret it. There are so many things you get to learn here and many interesting people to meet."


Your 5 favourite things about studying/living in the UK?

  1. "Shopping, especially online shopping."
  2. "Socialising with people from different backgrounds."
  3. "Travelling."
  4. "Love the fact that it won’t get too hot and humid."
  5. "Resources/materials for academic purposes are unlimited."


What do you hope to get by the end of your study there?

zazi at the beach

"A good result and a degree to bring home. However, I do have the intention of continuing Masters here, but I’ll see how it goes. I have become attached to this place to be honest."


Anything you want to say to encourage students to study abroad?

Zazi at the beach

"It is a really good opportunity as long as you know how to balance your time properly. Studying is important but it wouldn’t hurt to learn and integrate into the lifestyle here, as it is definitely different from back home. I’d say being here would open up your mind and perhaps it will humble you as a person. If you have the intention to study abroad, just do it. Find a way to make it happen, it’ll be worth it, trust me."


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