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5 tips for students starting university in the UK

Be prepared for your first year at a UK university with top tips from accommodation suppliers Collegiate AC and Almero Student Mansions.

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Preparing to start your first year at university is very exciting but also a little intimidating.  There’s a lot to be organised and plenty of mental preparation to do as well. But don’t worry, student accommodation supplier’s Collegiate AC and Almero Student Mansions are here to help. They share their five top tips to help you organise your summer efforts and be ready for the big day.


Do your research


When you have organised where you are attending, the next thing to do is sort out your student finances.  And one top tip is to set yourself a budget. The UK can be expensive at times, you will need to factor in costs such as accommodation, food, basics such as clothing and supplies for your classes and you’ll probably want to leave a bit for the odd social event.  You might plan on doing some part time work during your time at university but either way, if you do your research about living costs upfront, you will have a better time if your income does increase.  And if not, you have a plan to get you through on what you have.



Sort accommodation


One of the worst mistakes first time students make is to wait too long before sorting their accommodation and ending up with what is left rather than what they wanted.  As soon as you know where you are going you should be deciding about it.  Whether you go with Halls of Residence or private student accommodation, you should be sorting this out early.  If you go private, consider renting with a friend to help with costs or even renting as a larger group to afford a more luxurious type of property.



Look at more than just your course


There’s the temptation to be hyper-focused and base all of your studies and activities around your central goal, the career path you want to take or the job you want at the end of studies.  But consider looking at more than just the course and the connected activities and see what else you can learn at university.  For example, many students take up language studies or cultural programs where they learn about people from different parts of the world.  While this might not directly relate to your career path, it can broaden your horizons and even make you more employable.


Interested? Have a look at how joining a club or society at university can benefit you.


Start the right way


It is tempting to think that at the beginning of your studies you can afford to be a little lax while you settle in – there’s a long way to go.  But it is easy to fall into bad habits that stick with you or mean you miss important things in those early weeks and months.  So start the right way, learning habits that will stand you well for the rest of your course and beyond.

Use the facilities

Universities are about more than just your studies and there are a lot of facilities to enjoy, utilise and even to help you with problems.  Don’t be afraid to use everything that you need to during your time there.  This might mean getting some financial advice if you are finding money a little troublesome or trying a new hobby or sporting activity to get some downtime from your class work.  It is also a great way to meet new friends, learn something different and relax a little.


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