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Amazing things you can do with a medical degree

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A medicine degree normally leads to a few distinct professions. However, apart from being a doctor or a surgeon, there are many other jobs you can go into. A UK medical degree equips you with a wide range of transferable skills which you will find helpful in other industries.


Specialised professionals

Many students realize that practicing medicine is not for them after being on the course. But, all is not lost! A medical degree can be a springboard to a highly qualified professional in an area that is related to medicine and it does not involve taking care of patients! You can choose to become a medical journalist, a medical lawyer, a medical sales representative, a medical politician or even a medical librarian. There is a significant market demand for these niche people in medicine and you can expect to draw good salaries. There are doctors who function full time as advisors to the film industry too – how cool is that?


Clinical research and teaching

The medical field is always in need of new investigators who understand the clinical aspects and needs of the discipline. If you think you’d be interested in making new discoveries and making a difference, then your medical knowledge will prove invaluable. You will find job opportunities in top universities who have a huge budget for research, and in medical schools.


Non-for-profit organisations and charities

If you’re keen on working with third sectors and helping the less fortunate, a medical degree will enable you to do all those. You may want to work with human rights organisations that are based in different parts of the world. Whether your job involves teaching or devising campaigns, your knowledge in medicine will make you an ideal candidate for the role as you’ll have more practical skills than most people.


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