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THE UK: Career Prospects

Career options with a law degree

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A UK law degree puts you head and shoulders above other law graduates. Find out what careers are open to you…


Public sector and politics

Become a politician’s assistant or even a government research officer. A politician’s assistant is the heart and soul of the UK’s political landscape. You’ll be tasked with administrative responsibilities related to legislation, research, media relations and lobbying. As a government research officer, you’ll be conducting research and writing reports for civil servants and politicians. Based on this, politicians are able to make well-informed decisions about new and existing policies. These jobs are extremely important as you’ll be helping the government’s decision makers perform effectively for the country’s best interests. A rewarding job, your work will have an impact on every UK citizen.


Banking, finance and accountancy

Many financial institutions require people with a strong grasp of legal concepts as well as numeracy. These are some of the best-paid jobs in the world, so it’s not surprising that law graduates flood this industry. You can apply to be an investment banker, a financial adviser, a tax adviser or even a chartered accountant. Your tasks include ensuring that all financial transactions are logged and processed accurately, reviewing the organisation’s systems and initiating improvements and efficiently anticipating trends and developments.


Charity, not-for-profit and NGO

Many law graduates make a beeline for the third sector, whether that’s looking to work for legal-related charities such as Amnesty International or for employment with advisory services such as the Citizens Advice. If you’re interested in a career in human rights, a law degree will make your application stand out. Some of the roles available are advice workers, charity officers and international aid or development workers.



If you enjoy learning about employment law, then the HR department is a great place to work. Choose to work in the HR department of a law firm, a legal recruiter or in any HR and recruitment departments of big corporate firms. Your options are endless and the work will be challenging.


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