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Should I study in London or elsewhere in the UK?

We weigh up whether it's worth studying in the England's capital

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We’ve all heard the famous expression by Samuel Johnson, “If a man is tired of London, he is tired of life.” Can you get tired of studying in London? We asked Nigerian students who graduated from the capital’s top universities about their experience and compiled this list of things for you to consider.


London Universities


The great thing about studying in London is being in the centre of innovation, teaching and research where practically any subject you choose will have leading practice to observe and learn from. UCL has close affiliation with University College London Hospital and its biomedical research centre, Regent’s University London, will introduce you to lectures with prominent decision makers and notable entrepreneurs.


London Degrees


A degree from a London university will be recognised both in Nigeria and internationally, and be most likely from the top ranking school, with Imperial, King’s College and LSE being a few to mention. In London don’t be surprised if you get to attend lectures by an academic who wrote the textbook for leading UK institutions. Breathe in the excellence of famous London universities and use opportunities to attend open lectures at other schools - the perks of the capital, we know!


The Boroughs of London


With 32 London boroughs you have quite a choice of future study location. At Queen Mary and City University you will find yourself emerged into the area of total creativity and innovation. East London Tech City, also known as the Silicon Roundabout, is the tech hub of Europe and its startups are now worth at least $3 trillion, according to the Economist.




Britain is multicultural with London epitomises diversity and coexistence. Whichever borough in London you end up settling in for university, you will be likely to meet at least one Nigerian person and plenty of other nationalities to make friends with. One of the common things all Nigerian students note is that you will hardly be ever left alone if you need help, advice or simple directions in the street. London and its population are generally friendly and kind which makes studying abroad that little bit easier.


Social Life


This will make all your Nigerian schoolmates jealous. Yes, you will see film stars live at premieres in Leicester Square and movie darlings performing in West End theatres. Cosy bars, restaurants and clubs in London are dotted all over the place, so you will be entertained - provided all assignments are submitted and homework done!


Culture and History


Now you can walk in the King’s footsteps by visiting Buckingham Palace, wandering through the Tower of London’s history and getting lost behind the British Museum’s walls. We won’t bore you with spots to visit, as you have read a dozen of books on this already. We will point you in the right direction - where you can see London without spending a penny. The National Gallery, Kensington Gardens, Ceremony of the Keys and Covent Garden street performance are free but worth a hundred postcards.




Nigerians know what good food tastes like and fancy London canapes may not fit the bill if we're being honest. However there are places to explore and dishes to taste which will guarantee to keep you fuelled for an A-grade study week in London. Rodizio Preto is a Brazilian steakhouse with 7 branches from West End to Victoria and authentic delicious menu. If you are in a rush for an afternoon lecture, grab a hot dish from Wasabi Sushi and Bento and instantly fall in love with tasty Japanese food.


Work Opportunities


Depending on your Tier 4 student visa, you may be able to work during term time for a maximum of 20 hours a week if you are studying at degree level or above at a higher education institution or if you are on a study abroad programme in London. Work hours will be limited to 10 per week if you are studying a course that is below degree level and may be restricted entirely if you go to a private college. Still London studies open doors and you will be amazed at how many opportunities will come your way back home or globally after graduation.




We won’t deny that commuting, expensive living and accommodation may cast a shade on your happy London life, but with a degree from one of the most highly-regarded universities in the world and our guide to unlocking London, we hope you can quickly find a happy balance in the captivating capital.


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