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Specialising in Pharmaceutical Sciences


Being one of the leading fields of study in the healthcare profession throughout the world, Masters in Pharmaceutical Sciences or Biochemistry would be perfect for someone who is interested in science, healthcare, disease management, research and the supply of medicines.


The scope and demand of professionals in the field continues to rise. Want to find out more? You're in the right place...


Career Options

Most of the job roles in the field are professional, technical, rewarding and very well-respected. These job roles include health staff, pharmacists, specialists, technicians, researchers and many more. The work for the professionals in the field of pharmaceutical sciences and biochemistry is not limited to hospitals and clinics, instead drug manufacturing industries, laboratories, quality control services and research institutions recruit the graduates in the field.


Specialists are also recruited by NHS in the UK on jobs that are heavily paid, from £30,000 to £97,000 per annum.



Study Options

Masters in Pharmaceutical Sciences or Biochemistry is likely to enhance your technical and professional knowledge, that is essential for developing a strong academic and professional portfolio for future! The Masters degree can also be a pathway into PhD programmes and other research opportuinities.


World class universities with advance learning resources, laboratories, faculty and facilities provide the option to opt for these courses in countries known for their academic excellence including the UK. School of Pharmacy, University of London is known for its faculty, research and academic excellence in the fields of pharmaceutical sciences and biochemistry. It also offers more specialized degrees like MPharm for students aiming to pursue careers as pharmacists, after their degree and registration exams. Other universities that have well reputed Postgraduate courses in the field of pharmaceutical sciences and biochemistry include University of Kent, University of Liverpool, University of Nottingham amd University of Sheffield.


The fees for each of the courses can defer depending on the content of the degree. More the involvement of laboratory and practical work, higher the fees are likely to be. There are a handful of scholarships offered to facilitate students, especially at postgraduate level.


Good luck finding the right course for you!


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