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Stretching back for more than 800 years, Liverpool not only has a glorious history, but also a world-wide reputation for sports, architecture and is a cultural hub for international students to discover.

Liverpool is situated at 220 miles NW of London and is the 5th most populated city in England. The city is considered a welcoming city with an amazing history, great places to visit, recognised universities and academic institutions, booming night life and loads of other activities, making the experience of study in the UK worthwhile.

 For many centuries the city stayed as a trivial and fairly insignificant settlement until the 17th and 18th centuries when it became one of the UK’s major trading cities and began its development. By the 19th century, 40% of the world’s trade was passing through the docks at Liverpool.

Music is everywhere

Many chart-topping pop groups such as The Beatles, comedians and artists from Liverpool have shaken the world with their influences. Music is very much in every corner of the city, which ranges from the Philharmonic Orchestra and local bands playing in pubs, to regular tours of renowned bands in the city’s major venues.

A great variety of drinking bars and recently designed ‘chic’ cafes and music venues, all make Liverpool's night scene one of the liveliest in the UK.

Other Highlights

Liverpool is considered a breeding ground of football success, being the home of two of the most renowned premiership clubs, Everton and Liverpool. Other sports are also on the rise in popularity among international students like rugby and tennis as well as water sports including windsurfing, sailing, and jet skiing and canoeing along the coast line.

For art and culture lovers, many art galleries, theatres and museums open their doors all year round, the most famous being the Merseyside Maritime Museum which is almost 3 museums in one. Liverpool also has one of the leading outdoor shopping centres in Europe and offers great variety of famous stores, cafes and restaurants for all tastes.

Some facts about Liverpool

  • Liverpool was awarded as the European Capital of Culture in 2008
  • Liverpool holds the Guinness Book of Records title for being the Capital of Pop. More artists with a Liverpool origin have had a number one hit than from any other location
  • Favourite food of local people is ‘Scouse’, a type of stew. Ingredients include lamb or beef, cabbage, carrot, potatoes and onion
  • Liverpudlians are understood to be amongst the friendliest in the UK.
  • Liverpool is the most filmed city in the UK after London
  • More than 60 languages are spoken in the city every single day

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