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The top five places to visit in the UK

The UK has so much to offer, from exciting cities to the beautiful countryside. We take a look at some of the best places to visit.

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The UK is a popular destination for many students all over the world. It has a rich history, vibrant culture and a diverse society. For such a small island, compared to many other countries, you may be surprised how much there is to do there.  


With twenty-eight of its universities across the country ranking in the top 200 in the world, there are an incredible number of great institutions to choose from. These universities are up and down the country, in some great locations. Though this list could be much longer, here we focus on the top five destinations to visit in the UK. 






Manchester is the third biggest city in the UK and has so much to offer international students. With great universities like The University of Manchester and Manchester Metropolitan University and a diverse population of people from all over the world, students from abroad can feel very comfortable here.  



In such a large city, you will find that there is always something to do. Students can easily fill their years at university with incredible memories in a city like Manchester. With award winning restaurants, a famous nightlife and popular spots like the Manchester Art Gallery or Old Trafford Centre, tourists and students can really make the most of this interesting city. 


The Lake District 


Buttermere in the Lake District


Just a few hours from Manchester, in the rural county of Cumbria, you will find the Lake District. England’s largest national park, the Lake District is home to some of the most beautiful lakes and mountains the country has to offer. 


This part of the UK brings tourists from all over the world and is certainly a must-see if you find yourself in the country. It’s just over an hour drive from places like Lancaster University and The University of Central Lancashire. International students from all over the UK can add the Lake District to their travel plans as it’s often just a train ride away. 


So much of the UK is urban but the majority of it is completely rural. In the Lake District, you can really see the best that the latter has to offer. Whether that’s exploring the great number of beautiful British villages or hiking in the fells (hills) surrounding them; it’s perfect for any nature-lover. 





Much further north, in the beautiful country of Scotland, you can find the city of Edinburgh. Though relatively small in UK city standards, Edinburgh is Scotland’s biggest city and is one of the best if you’re looking for a bit of history.  


Packed with some of the oldest buildings in the UK, Edinburgh is a perfect example of the modern world meeting the past. From everything that you would expect to find in a city, like great restaurants and shops, to some amazing parts of British history, like Edinburgh castle. 


Edinburgh is not just for visitors though, as it can be an ideal place for those looking to make the UK their new home for studying abroad. With universities like Edinburgh Napier University and The University of Edinburgh, international students have a lot of great choices to choose from there. 





Devon is a county (region) on the south coast of England and is one of the most naturally beautiful areas you’ll find in the country. Some of Devon’s beaches have often been awarded some of the best in the UK and the rest of Europe. These beaches include: 


  • Woolacombe 

  • Ilfracombe 

  • Oddicombe 

  • Westward Ho! 


Not only is this a great part of the UK for tourists, it can also be an ideal place for international students. With universities such as the University of Plymouth and the University of Exeter, students don’t have to choose between great education and amazing location. 





For many students, looking for the right lifestyle for them in the UK, they want a mixture of busy city life with access to more quiet parts of the country. Few places provide this sort of balance more than the city of Bristol, in the county of Somerset. Whether that’s strolling through the busy city centre or relaxing in Castle Park. 


Many parts of Bristol can be compared to big cities like London and Manchester, while other parts are more similar to the smaller towns you’ll find around the UK. This, with the fact that you can travel to both London and any part of rural Somerset in just a few hours, means you truly get the best of both worlds. 


With great universities like The University of the West of England and Bristol University, the latter being made up of over 25 per cent international students, this city can be a great option for students. 


The UK has much to offer its visitors, from those that are there for a short trip to those that have decided to study in one of its top universities, there’s a lot to see. Whether you choose to visit exciting cities like Manchester or Bristol or stick to the rural side of things in places like the Lake District, the UK certainly has something for you. 


The small island has so much to offer those coming from abroad, including great universities. Take a look at the top universities in the UK. 



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