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The UK is number one for international student satisfaction

Survey reveals that the UK beats the US and Australia for international student satisfaction

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The UK has beaten the likes of the USA and Australia to be crowned the best study destination in the world for international student satisfaction.


The Universities UK survey of 11,362 first-year students revealed that around a fifth of international students in the UK indicated the country was the only nation they considered.


The primary alternative country considered for study by the UK’s international undergraduate students was the US (44%), followed by Australia (24%) and Canada (19%).


Main influencing factors for students when choosing a study destination were the reputation of their institution, the course, earning potential and personal safety.


Other factors such as work opportunities, study costs and cost of living were rated lower priorities, although this was shown to increase in importance later on in the course of study.



While first-year students may be shown to favour the UK for its teaching and quality, UK HE International Unit director Vivienne Stern warned that the UK must now seek to capitalise on its strengths.


“While the UK’s improving results and higher satisfaction with the cost of living than main alternative countries suggest we are heading in the right direction, we cannot remain complacent. Other countries are increasing their efforts to attract international students and are enjoying faster growth,” said Vivienne.


“The UK must jointly capitalise on its obvious strengths in order to drive sustained growth for this critical component of the UK’s higher education system and its broader economy.”


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