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Essentials: 5 Things you must do in the UK

Find out 5 things you simply must do while studying in the UK, including attending one of the world's most famous music festivals and seeing a West End favourite...

5 Things you MUST do in the UK - English tea and scones

Although a relatively small country, the UK has so much to see and do (particularly if you're a history fan). Here are 5 things any traveller to the UK MUST go home saying they've done:


Get dressed up for the theatre

London boasts numerous theatres, some old and some new, and many with longstanding histories and gorgeous architecture. Many of the world’s most famous productions like Les Miserables and Mamma Mia either began in London or at least have been playing there for decades; they really are a staple of London’s buses and billboards because they’ve always been in production in the UK’s capital. Get your tickets, put on a nice shirt or dress, and head into the capital for a night of drama, music and fun!


Party at Glastonbury

Glastonbury is a cultural phenomenon transcending age, race and musical taste. The festival takes place each summer on the grounds of a Somerset farm. While previously it was considered more for fans of British indie music, more recently major headline acts spanning a range of genres like Jay Z, Beyonce and even Dolly Parton have appeared on the bill. Each year tickets sell out it minutes even before any acts are announced. Be warned: it can get muddy.


Afternoon tea

Tea is regarded the solution to all of life’s problems in the UK. In fact if you don’t drink tea, you’re given a slightly strange look. While you can expect a cup (or three) to become a part of your daily routine, find a quaint, traditional tea room and do it properly, with cakes, scones and crumpets too!


Cook your own Sunday roast

A roast dinner is a weekly Sunday tradition for most families and just because you’re a student doesn’t mean you should miss out. You can visit a pub to get yours, though it’s more fun and rewarding to make your own at home with friends or housemates. Don’t worry if you’re not the best cook; it’s all about the bonding experience.

Usually the meat will be a beef, chicken, lamb or pork joint, with roast potatoes and a choice of vegetables (topped off with lots of gravy). This is definitely one for your cheat day if you’re a healthy eater!


Visit the “Great British Seaside”

Because Britain is relatively small, Britons will flock to the coast the moment the weather turns sunny (and before it goes back to the usual dour, overcast skies). Britain’s seasides are associated with bawdy, silly humour as you’ll see from the old-fashioned postcards on display and entertainment. Different towns and cities by the sea will vary in terms of things to do, with some more tranquil and peaceful (Whistable, Margate) than others (Brighton).


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