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Brexit impact for EU students in the UK

The impending departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union has resulted in much speculation, conjecture and confusion. This is also true for EU students who are looking to study in the UK.

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It’s not an exaggeration to say that more words have been written and spoken about Brexit than most other topics in recent times. Endless newspaper columns, websites and talk shops have attempted to wrestle with the possible implications of the UK leaving the EU. There is confusion and consternation, from which the Higher Education sector, universities and students have not been exempt. Policy certainty and the associated planning is a priority, and this is especially true for EU students. In and amongst all the hypothetical modelling and projections, there is a small idyll of certainty for students from the EU currently studying or aiming to study in the UK


If you’re an EU student in the UK you’ll be paying the same tuition fees as UK students, which is far less than international student rates. However, as the UK prepares to leave the European Union on October 31 2019, there has been concern that this arrangement and structure is in jeopardy. We have some good news for you. Universities minister Sam Gyimah has announced that EU students starting a course in the academic years of 2019/20 and 2020/21 will be eligible for home fee status for the full length of their course. This means that as an EU student enrolling onto an undergraduate or postgraduate degree you are guaranteed to pay the same as a UK student for the duration of your course. This agreement will remain in place regardless of whether a deal for leaving the EU is in place or not.



There is of course also the matter of having the correct documentation allowing you to study in the UK, that critical visa. As long as the UK leaves the EU with a withdrawal agreement, you will not need a visa if arriving before January 1st 2021.  Unfortunately, due to ongoing Brexit uncertainty and the status of the withdrawal agreement, plans for EU students beyond the outlined academic dates have not yet been confirmed.  If you’re looking for additional resources and information, make sure to check out the UK Council for International Student Affairs website.


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