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While you'll want to study at a UK university to get a useful qualification for your future, there's also so much more to look forward to beyond studying. From your first week at your UK university, you're likely to be bombarded with new people, new places and new experiences. So what can you expect?

Clubs and societies 

Your first experience of the UK clubs and societies on offer at your university or college is likely to be at a freshers' fair near the beginning of term. From debating and dancing, to salsa and ultimate frisbee, there's something for everyone. Each society will be desperate to sign up impressionable new students though, so make sure you choose wisely before paying any membership fees.


Halls of residence 

Many UK university halls have their own committees or run by elected student members. These students are often in charge of organising hall events including the hectic Freshers' Week, and joining in can be a great way to both meet people and get involved in hall life. You will be living with these people for the next year or more afterall, so you ought to get to know them; if you don't, that will be a lot of awkward meetings in the corridors or at bus stops!


Student executive

As well as individual halls of residence, most UK universities have a student body in charge of university-wide events, issues and development. Often these can be sabbatical positions, meaning you would need to take a year off from your studies. It's likely you'd be paid a salary though, and these positions can be valuable for your CV to show that you're a proactive and confident individual.


RAG week

Student fundraising often comes under the RAG or 'raising and giving' banner. Organised either by the students' union or individual halls or societies, getting involved in fundraising is rewarding as well as having a fun social side. Events vary from pub-crawls, parties and club nights to the more adventurous like sponsored bungee jumps and parachute jumps.

Life at university shouldn't be all work and no play. Our advice is to jump in with both feet - try everything once and make the most of the unique environment that university has to offer.

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