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Nottingham Trent wins WUSCA International Award

David Bailey, International Development Director, Nottingham Trent University, tells us his thoughts about winning the best International university award

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Unlike other university awards, the annual WhatUni Student Choice Awards (WUSCA) are voted on by students themselves and last year over 25,000 students left reviews. Nottingham Trent University received four nominations this year and eventually scooped the title for best UK university for international students. We spoke to David Bailey, International Development Director at NTU to find out more.

How do you feel about winning the International award?

We're delighted to have won and I hope international students recognise how hard we work on this and how much we care about their experience with us.


What do international students bring to the university?

People talk a lot about how universities transform the lives of international students but my view is that international students have transformed universities. Maybe years ago there was an attitude of tolerance towards international students and now we just embrace them. They make our classrooms more lively and engaging places, they bring perspectives that we don’t have from any other areas and they just bring the world to our universities. They really are inspirational, energetic, funny and amazing people.


What are your hopes for the future of Nottingham Trent's international scene?

We want to grow the international scene at Nottingham Trent at the pace that we can grow it while maintaining the experience. It’s not a race to be the biggest, it’s about being the best, so this is amazing to think that our students think this much of us. It’s all about quality.


What support do you provide international students?

We have a lot of events we put on for our international students so they can come and get to know us and each other. We have our global week where we invite our students to tell the rest of the student body about their country so they might do a dance or bring food from their home country or showcase some artwork, it’s just to demonstrate their own culture and meanwhile learn about UK culture too. 


We’re an international office that doesn’t hand over the students when they arrive. We stay in touch with them for their whole time, we take them out to see British landmarks, we have them work in our office. At any time you could probably find three international students in our office. We bring them right into the heart of the university. They are not on the outside, they’re very much a part of it.


What’s your advice for international students interested in studying at Nottingham Trent?

Nottingham is a really easy city to get to know and that’s one of the best things about it. Within a few days you feel like you belong. It’s small enough that you will recognise somebody walking down the street very quickly. You don’t get lost in a metropolis. Connections are amazing, you can get to London in an hour and 45 minutes. You’re connected to Europe and the rest of the UK. Great shopping, great bars, international shops, and it has all the things students need to have a little bit of home while they’re away from home.


Come and join us and see what it’s all about! But don’t just take our word for it, talk to our students. Get in touch with us and we’ll put you in contact with our students because they’re the ones who can tell the story of the university and what it’s like to be an international student at Nottingham Trent

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