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Increase in overseas student fees announced by top universities

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New international students commencing at Cambridge University in 2011 are being charged tuition fees substantially greater than last year.

According to the Cambridge University newspaper Varsity, pre-clinical medicine and veterinary students are the most hit by the rocketing fees. Students enrolled in 2011 paid annual university fees of £14,073, while students enrolled this year will pay £28,632.  Further, engineering and science students will be charged £18,000 per annum compared to £14,073 last year.

A University’s spokesperson responded to criticisms arguing that the ‘numbers of applicants from international students remain at near-record levels, and our fees are internationally competitive with those of our peers. The University has increased its annual contribution to the Cambridge Trusts in support of international students from poorer backgrounds.’

In the meantime, Warwick University has announced its intention to significantly increase undergraduate and postgraduate fees for overseas students starting their studies in 2012 – some by as much as 18 per cent depending on the degree level and the type of course.

Overseas postgraduate students will be the worst hit by fees rising by £4,000 to a staggering £18,560!

Detractors argue that these decisions will deter talented international students from studying in the UK. However, International students intake in UK universities has remained high over recent years.

According to a recent report by Universities UK, more than 400,000 students now come from outside the UK, with the number from a non-EU domicile doubling its number at 11.7 per cent in 2010.

Overall, the increase in the number of students taking postgraduate courses full time has been much larger (73.1 per cent) than the rise in full-time undergraduates (28.5 per cent), thanks in part to the increases in non-UK students, who tend to study at postgraduate level.

Even though other UK Universities are yet to announce the cost of tuition fees for 2012-2013 year, many have expressed their intentions to expand the funding offered to international students.


Time for careful research

Recent news about overall increase in university fees do not come as a surprise if you consider current trends in higher education in the UK. However, if you are planning to study in the UK, there are still loads of reasons to come. UK education remains, along with the US, as the study destination with the highest reputation worldwide, as the latest World University Rankings have shown.

The best approach is to carefully research your options before taking any decisions. Universities such as University of Bristol, University of Sheffield, University of Nottingham and University of Glasgow made the Top 200 universities ranked in THE Times World University Rankings, beating other education institutions from all around the world. This confirms that you do not have to attend the a "Top 5 university" to be able to enjoy a high quality education and an unforgettable student experience.

Additionally, it is important that you compare your options according to the subject you are pursuing. You can check our university rankings per subject to find out about the best universities in your area of study.


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