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PhD and MBA students allowed to stay after graduation

UK Home Theresa May

Home Secretary, Theresa May announced an easing of conditions for those graduating from UK universities with higher qualification levels – PhD and MBA graduates – so they can find it easier to stay and seek work after their studies.

From April 2013, graduating PhD students will be able to stay for 12 months to seek work or set up a business; while a further 1,000 visas will be available for graduating MBA students to stay via the Tier 1 exceptional talent route.

“In future, all PhD students who have completed their studies will be allowed to stay here for longer to find skilled work or set up as an entrepreneur within the rules.  From April, all such students will be allowed to stay in Britain for twelve months after they have completed their PhD before having to find a job or start a business.” Theresa May explained at an immigration conference on December 12.

May concluded that the Home Office “want[s] to work with universities to continue to protect not just the integrity of the immigration system but the reputation of the British education system around the world. We will continue to monitor strictly the adherence of universities as well as colleges to our rules that make sure only legitimate students come here.”

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UK Border agency is planning to extend interviews for all applicants, based on a pilot scheme previously announced here. More than 100,000 prospective visa applicants will now be interviewed as part of a continued clapdown on migration.


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