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Small bursaries: ‘Every little helps’

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For many international students, gaining a full scholarship is one of the top priorities as study costs can be high and additional expenses can blow your budget. However, several universities also offer small grants that will really make a difference once your bank account is in red.

Universities often offer full scholarships to the best applicants, based on academic merit and the references provided with each application. These small grants may cover maintenance fees, accommodation or simply give you money for books and other materials. Also, many universities set some money aside to cover travel to conferences and other expenses, which gives you the great opportunity to attend relevant events, network and learn loads in a different environment.

This is the case of Leeds Metropolitan University where a new scholarship programme has been launched for all successful international student applicants. The scholarship package of £1,500 is given to full-time overseas students and is awarded in the first year of study, for those starting 2012-2013.

Andrew Disbury, Director of the International Office at Leeds Metropolitan University, said: “The UK has always had an unbeatable reputation for education quality.  With changes in exchange rates in recent years, study in the UK has never been better value for money.  With our new scholarship for international students, Leeds Metropolitan University is providing maximum support to students who wish to enjoy our globally recognised education and wonderful facilities.”

If you are planning to study abroad, remember to look for these alternative sources of funding in your university, department as well as other organisations working in your area of expertise. It might need a little bit of research, but it is totally worth it!

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