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Survey shows UK student experience trumps immigration concerns

International students in the UK manage to overcome the negative perception concerning attitudes about immigration.

While the issue of falling incoming international student numbers in the UK is still ongoing, a new piece of research suggests that this negative perception is quickly forgotten about once students actually arrive in the country to study.

Many universities has been opposed to the government’s policy of including international students in immigration statistics in order to meet strict quotas – an action which has done little for the UK’s longstanding reputation as a welcoming study destination. However, a study by Regent’s University suggests that once students have gotten over this initial perception, they value the experience highly.

In the study of just over 500 of students nationwide, Regent’s found that 9 out of 10 students would recommend studying in the country, with 4 out of 5 students applauding the quality of their course and the teaching.  Furthermore, they are able to distinguish between wider initiatives to lower immigration and their individual experience day-to-day in the UK – in fact 9 out of 10 students said they felt welcome in the UK.

This is all despite initial reservations created by the recent shift in immigration policy in the last few years.

The UK still sits alongside the US in terms of the perception of quality of teaching, though the latter has recently experienced an increase in incoming students like never before. Meanwhile, Asian institutions are drawing increasing attention from students and the education community as a worthy destination for higher education abroad.

You can read reviews of universities, written by current students and graduates themselves, right here on our site.

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International students in the UK manage to overcome the negative perception concerning attitudes about immigration.

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