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THE UK: Once you arrive - Must read

10 places for homesick Canadian students to visit in the UK

A list of places to visit and things to do and see in the UK as a Canadian student missing home

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While studying abroad is an exciting prospect, it’s hard not to miss home when you’re so far away. In order to take the edge off, we have compiled a list of 10 places to go and things to do when you’re feeling homesick for Canada:



1.    Meet up with Canadian Ex-Pats, the Vandoos!

With over 1300 members, this Canadian Ex-Pat group is the largest in the world and hosts bi-monthly meet-ups. Here, you can socialise with other Canadians, bringing a touch of home to the UK.

2.    Visit a Second Cup

While you may not expect to find a Second Cup in the UK, they now have stores in both Manchester and London, with another due to open in Birmingham. So next time you fancy a Brewed Ice Tea and Canadian-style Brownie, why don’t you show your English friends what it’s all about?

3.    Join your hockey society and go watch or play a game

Most universities will likely have a Hockey Society, meaning that you can try out for the university team and play your home sport even when you’re abroad. Not only this, but societies host regular social events with many having a weekly night out. This is a great way to meet new people – many students call the friends the make at university their second family! Having a great group of friends to turn to when you’re homesick will make you feel at home, even when you’re far away.

4.    Get some poutine!

If you fancy some poutine, head to Broadway Market where you will find P’tite Poutine, a food stall run by two Canadians who were fed up with not being able to find this North American staple anywhere else in the UK!

5.    Visit a snow centre

With snow centres in Milton Keynes, Manchester, Yorkshire and many other locations in the UK, hitting the slopes isn’t an activity reserved for home. Some of these centres offer memberships, meaning that you can go as many times as you like. Additionally, lots of universities have Snow Sport societies which host regular trips. More information on these slopes and the best Snow Sport societies can be found here. http://www.onthesnow.co.uk/news/a/583559/the-uk-s-indoor-skiing-centres

6.    Head to The Maple Leaf bar, London

At The Maple Leaf bar, Moosehead beer and Sleeman’s are just a couple of the Canadian beverages you can order to quench your thirst for home. But why not stay a while? The bar regularly shows NFL and NHL events, and the wings come highly recommended.

7.    Watch comedy at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

With Stuart Francis and Katherine Ryan both having performed a set there, the Edinburgh Fringe Comedy Festival has seen a huge amount of hilarious Canadian comics over the years. Nothing is better at shaking the blues, be it because you’re feeling homesick or for any other reason, than a good laugh. So why don’t you make the most of the month-long event held every summer, and check in for some comedic healing?

8.    Get your groceries from The Canada Shop

The Canada Shop was initially created as only an online retailer specialising in Canadian goods and delivering to the UK. However, on top of this, they now have a physical shop in Warwickshire. Check out their stock here. http://www.thecanadashop.co.uk/

9.    Drink at Rockies, Belfast

With six screens, this Canadian bar is the perfect choice for watching sports events and playing pool with your friends, while admiring their Sporting Legends Hall of Fame.

10.    Pay homage to soldiers at the Canadian Memorial

Located in Green Park next to Buckingham Palace, the Canadian Memorial was designed by Canadian sculptor Pierre Granche. The memorial honours the thousands of soldiers killed during both World Wars, so you can take a moment to feel some pride for the brave citizens who risked their lives to defend your country, surrounded by the beauty of nature.


Since some of these events will require travelling, why don’t you start planning a trip?

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