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What kind of sports are you into? Yeah yeah I know the answer. Football, right? Ok I watch football but I’m not a huge fan like you – I know only famous players like, Owen, Rooney etc. I’d rather watch rugby since I played for 12years (!) and do play in London at the moment after 7 years break (!).

As Rugby World Cup 2011 has just begun in NZ today, I assume that all the rugby fans like me are all excited! I tried to wake up this early morning (screw you time difference!) to catch up the 1st match of the tournament but unfortunately I failed to do so… However, there was still a hope! My friends told me that we could watch today’s match at a pub in the night!! I just can’t wait to finish work and hit the pub! (hope my boss is not reading this)

In England, it is very common that people watch sports in a pub with a couple of pints. You have lots of drinks when your team wins, and you have lots of drinks when your team loses too – so you can have lots of drinks in any way. All the supporters become your friends since they have the same interest and I’m sure it’s the best way to make new friends. In this post, I’d like to introduce just few sports pubs and bars in London I have been to, so that you can get lots of drinks and make new friends :)


Bar Kick – Sports bar near Shoreditch High Street and Old Street station. I have been this bar when the FIFA world cup was going on in 2010. They have a huge screen and few football tables, so this is one of must-visit places if you’re a huge football fan! Also, they have several imported beers so you may want to try different beers from all over the world.

Bonds – Very contemporary pub located in central London – few mins away from Bond Street station and Oxford Circus station. They show some sports events on a large screen but provide more relaxed atmosphere. I hopped in few weeks ago for quick lunch with my friends. The staff was very friendly and I had a very yummy hamburger!!

Famous 3 Kings – Located in great venue for rugby fans – near West Kensington station. There are a huge screen and some big TVs in the pub showing sports events. Be aware that the place is very busy and noisy with loud music so if you expect more relaxed place, then don’t bother to go in. I had a massive fun here with Welsh rugby fans few weeks ago when Welsh rugby team was playing.


Of course several local pubs show sports events too as well as sports pubs/bars so you may find better places around your house  :) If you happen to find one, please let me know (you can leave a comment below). Ok ladies and gentlemen, I have to get ready for the game for tonight and tomorrow morning (Japan vs France at 7am!). Enjoy your drinks and sports.


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