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'There are lots of new and exciting things to experience in the UK. One of the first things to take me by surprise was the availability and range of courses that are offered beyond the usual degrees. There are hundreds of universities and colleges offering various evening and weekend courses, from hobby-related subject to the more academic stuff.  And also it's quite common to join these classes regardless of your age or occupation in the UK. Here in London, lots of people take evening classes to get extra experience from work, or even just to do something more interesting outside of their jobs!

Lots of courses don't have entrance requirements or age limits so, like me, you'll find it's easy to try somehting new!

I took a couple of academic evening courses, such as International Law and Human rights, but I also joined some mosaic creation classes.

The law courses were about 3 months long (once a week for 10weeks) and end of the session we have to submit essay. So I would say the course was quite academic. Some of the students in the class were undergraduate law students or people who have legal background. During the 10 weeks, we learn basics of precedents and case-studies from actual case of International Court of Justice. But the class was very small class (only 5 students actually) so It was a great atmosphere to learn from law department professor in small group. I found it really easy to learn and express my opinions. So if you are interested in learning something academic, its great option to attend evening courses-the format is much more relaxed and inclusive than the more formal day classes.

Mosaic class was only 3 session in a month. Every Saturday morning I came to the workshop and made simple door hanging decorations. It was very short class so it had quite a reasonable price to enrol. My friend was interested in the class, so I joined with her. We had lots of fun together and it was a great way to do something different with our evenings. It seems almost all of people were beginners and teacher taught us very slowly. It was fun to create some craft and also meet lots of local people as well. There are lots of community workshop type course available so you can have a look at council's website.'


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