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The basics
THE UK: Once you arrive

How to celebrate Eid in the UK

Ketupat for Eid

Eid will be celebrated on 18 July 2015 in UK this year. Students who are enjoying their summer holidays in this hot and humid weather could take the chance to recreate a ‘Hari Raya’ atmosphere, just like back in Singapore.


Here are some suggestions:


Before the special day, invite a few friends over to bake some simple Hari Raya cookies, such as ‘Suji Biscuits’ and ‘Cornflakes Honey’. These delicious cookies need only minimal ingredients, are quick to bake and fun when baking together in a group.



                                                                       Cornflakes Honey


Be creative and make your own Hari Raya cards and send them back home to your family and friends in Singapore.


Buy some fairy lights or make paper decorations and hang them around your room or accommodation.


Cook your own favourite Hari Raya dishes! If it is too complicated to make sayur lodeh or rendang from scratch, just buy the pastes from major supermarkets or from Chinatown and add fresh meat and vegetables. If you can’t find instant ketupat, having these dishes with rice would be equally delicious.


On the actual day, don your baju kurung or baju Melayu and go to the mosque to perform the morning prayer. Then, invite your friends to come over to your accommodation to have a feast whilst watching the Hari Raya show on Suria online.


Most Singapore/Malaysian student societies in the UK universities might organize Hari Raya gatherings. There are also various Singapore groups such as SUKA (free membership for students) and Overseas Singaporeans portal, which organize regular meet ups and events in the UK. Check out their websites to find out more.


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