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The basics
THE UK: Once you arrive

Studying at the University of Nottingham (UK): Wico’s photo diary

What is it like to be an international student in the UK? Wico, originally from Indonesia, is currently studying at the University of Nottingham. See as Wico shares her life through pictures...

University of Nottingham photo diary

‘Greetings from Nottingham! My name is Wico Hartantri (the middle one with black beanie in the picture above).

I am from Indonesia and currently doing Master's in Medical Sciences-Medical Education. It’s a huge privilege to study at the University of Nottingham, one of the top 1% universities in the world. This university is so green! We're been named the most sustainable university in the world three years in a row!

Studying in the UK is like living my childhood dreams. It’s all about the weather, the friendships, the landscapes, the people, and most of all the new experiences! Who knows that learning can be so fun?’


Where I study

‘This unique building is the Jubilee Campus Library. The architecture uses spiral ramps so there’s no stairs at all (except the emergency exits)! We can leisurely walk while searching through the aisles of books. The views from those windows are marvellous and really help me relax during quiet study. It is very easy to look for learning resources on the online catalogue by using computer facilities. I often come here to work on my papers and I enjoy listening to classical music while doing so.’

Jubilee Campus library, University of Nottingham


Where my classes take place

‘This is my first class during induction week. I have 4 modules throughout the year and each of them has six full day meetings (from 9.30 to 17.00). My classes usually happen in smaller lecture theatre than the picture, but more or less have similar facilities. The lecturers are very creative as they often mix didactic teaching with small group discussions and activities. They make each class very interesting!’

Lecture, University of Nottingham


Where I socialise

‘This is a picture at the Christmas Deck the Walls gathering with the Friends International group. It’s a University of Nottingham Chaplaincy program with cooperation from a local church. I really have so much fun socializing with people from different backgrounds. We often chat, do many activities, go on trips (last time we went to York!), and support each other in our studies. Really love this community!’

Deck The Walls gathering, University of Nottingham


Where I shop

‘My friend and I love to shop at the Student Union! We can find most of students’ necessities there, from sandwiches to mascara! It’s open from 09.00-17.00 on working days only. They also have this notification board which shows so much offers and information of what’s going on in the university. Hanging around shop keeps me full and updated!’

Student union shop, University of Nottingham


Where I go to be inspired

‘This inspiring and iconic landmark is called Trent Building. It has a clock tower which has a bell that rings every hour. On the southern part of the building there is a beautiful lake (really want to try boating there!) and spacious green area. This place is awesome in autumn and winter (I’ve just experienced these two seasons but I bet this area will be as stunning during warmer seasons too!).’

Trent Building, University of Nottingham


Where I go to eat

‘I don’t normally eat out, but my campus café serves a really nice southern chicken! It is located on the top floor of Portland Building, University Park Campus. They also charge you reasonably, compared to off campus restaurants. I like the ambiance of this café as well as the tasty menus.’

Portland Building cafe, University of Nottingham


Where I go if I need support

‘In terms of confusing situations, I usually seek help in this room. There are people who administer my Medical Education major that are very kind and offer help in any situations. One time when I was newly arrived in Nottingham, they helped me to arrange a meeting with a supervisor. An academic officer even escorted me to the assigned room because medical school is very spacious with a large number of rooms and it is easy to get lost.’


Where I live

‘The first picture shows you Cripps Dining Hall interior. This is a campus accommodation which I used for a week during welcoming programme. The situation was so much like Harry Potter’s dinners (with hanging chandelier and long tables)! The room where I stayed was rather old but very comfortable. We shared the bathroom with 3-4 other students and with more for the kitchen. I really enjoyed the experience living in campus accommodation, everyplace seems within walking distance! ^.^

Cripps Dining Hall, University of Nottingham


The second picture is my bedroom now in my private housing accommodation. It’s very comfortable and homey!’


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