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THE UK: Student Accommodation

Top Tips for Organising Student Accommodation in the UK

Get the lowdown on picking your student house in the UK, with advice from luxury accommodation providers Almero and Collegiate.

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One of the biggest decisions you need to make when preparing for university is where to live. In the first year of university in the UK, students usually decide to live in halls, but others prefer somewhere a little removed from campus and choose to rent private accommodation. But no matter where you are thinking of living, here are some top tips written by student accommodation supplier Collegiate AC to help you organise where to live at university.


Find the right accommodation supplier


When you first begin looking for places to live in the UK you will find that there are plenty of options - from university accommodation, to agencies, and private landlords. Another option you might not have considered is to use approved rented property companies that the university can refer you to. They can offer a range of private properties whether you want to live alone, or with friends, as well as providing larger luxury properties.


Another reason to use a specialist agency for student accommodation is to ensure that you are protected, both in terms of the tenancy agreement and the deposit. According to the government, the deposit must be placed in an approved scheme rather than held by the landlord. And if you want to have the tenancy agreement checked, the university can recommend companies who offer services for students.


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Choosing a property


Choosing a property is about where you want to live but also what you can afford – you don’t want to be spending so much on rent that you have nothing left for food!  Working out a budget beforehand is very helpful, taking into account what you need for food, and living costs, as well as ensuring you still have a little left over for luxuries. This gives you an idea of how much rent you can afford.


Once you have this figure, you can consider the options. Do you want your own apartment or to share a house with a close friend? Is it better to get together with a group of students and rent a larger property where all the other bills are also split four, five or six ways?  Also, consider the social side of these living arrangements – can you cope with sharing with a larger group of people or would you prefer being on your own? The beauty of this decision is that the choice is all yours.



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Consider the location


Armed with your budget and what kind of accommodation you want, the next thing to think about is the location. Although living in the trendiest area of a UK city might seem ideal, if it involves a hellish commute to university each morning, then you might want to reconsider.  Do some research on the different areas of the city to see where might have the right balance of facilities, distance from the university and cost of rent.



Get a second opinion


If you are uncertain about any aspect of the process make sure you get a second opinion.  Get parents or friends to come and see the house, as they might spot problems that you have missed. Ask students at the university about where to live (and where not to) as they will have hands on experience.  And use the connections through the university to get legal advice if needed.


So, hopefully these top tips will help you to make your decision about living accommodation, and save you from any unexpected headaches later on. Good Luck!


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