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3 scholarships in the UK for Malaysians


For world class education, the UK always comes to mind first. Many Malaysian students are keen to acquire a British education and experience the UK’s interesting culture and way of life. However, its high fees can be a huge financial burden for students. Here, we’ve gathered some funding options that are available for Malaysian students. Read more to find out.

Funding Bodies

UK Government

There are a limited number of scholarships awarded to international students by the UK government. The main award granted is the Chevening Scholarship Programme, helping students that display key leadership potential and promise within their field to pursue Bachelor, Postgraduate and Doctorate studies in the UK.

Sometimes, the UK government bodies may also work in partnership with foreign governments or organisations to create funding programmes for students of a particular nationality. Check out the website of the UK embassy or consulate in your home country to find out if you qualify.

Host University

Most universities in the UK will offer some kind of funding to international students. However, funding is more commonly offered to Postgraduate students. Scholarships are awarded based on academic merit. Application for funding is normally very competitive among students. In order to stand out, write a strong personal statement, list out your experiences and other related work, and demonstrate you commitment to the course.

There are also institutions that offer funding in the way of bursaries, reduced fees or one-time payments for students of particular circumstances. The application process for university-granted funding will coincide with your university application process. Always check and confirm these details on your host’s website.

External Companies and Funding Bodies

There is a wide choice of external companies, councils, organisations and funding bodies that offer scholarship programmes to international students. Go on search engines like The Scholarship Hub, the Postgraduate Funding Guide and


Chevening Scholarships

Awarded by the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office and partner organisations, Chevening Scholarships are granted to high achieving students at Postgraduate level: typically for a one-year Masters Programme.

Selection is based on academic merit and students’ potential for future leadership in their field. Awards are granted across a range of study fields like Politics, Business, Media, Environmental Studies and Religion. To find out application requirements, deadlines and selection criteria, visit this page.

The Chevening application process is separate to your university application, but you will need to lodge both around the same time. You will need to apply online for a Chevening scholarship and include a personal statement that outlines how you best fit the selection criteria. You will also need to nominate three UK Masters courses you would complete in order of preference, with your ‘reach’ course being your first choice. If you’re shortlisted, you will be required to attend an interview.

Funding is either full or partial, with full awards covering tuition fees, travel to and from your home country, an allowance for start-up costs, visa costs, a thesis grant and a monthly allowance for living costs. Find out more here.

Now that you know where to look in financing your studies, browse for courses in the UK now.

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