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What are Chevening Scholarships?

What is a Chevening scholarship, how can it help you study abroad in the UK, what do you need in order to qualify, and how do you apply?

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Studying abroad can be a fun, rewarding, intellectually challenging and culturally enriching experience; however, the funds to be able to study abroad are not always so readily available. Fortunately, there are many opportunities for students to receive financial aid that can help them travel to and study at their school of choice in their country of choice. One such avenue is through a Chevening Scholarship. Chevening Scholarships are available to Sri Lankan students as well as students from several other countries around the world. This scholarship can be provided to students who are looking to complete a one-year Master’s Degree in the UK. But what is a Chevening Scholarship and how can you go about getting one?


Chevening Scholarships are international scholarships that can be awarded to Sri Lankan students who show a potential for leadership. Funding for these scholarships is made available by the British Foreign Common Wealth office and they give students the opportunity to study abroad in the UK for Master’s programme that lasts no longer than one year. These Scholarships are intended to help future leaders and decision makers get their start in a great programme at a great school in the UK.


What is included in the scholarship?

The Chevening scholarship can provide you with just about everything you’ll need during your time abroad. The scholarship covers Sri Lankan students’ university tuition fees, cost of travel to and from the UK, and the cost of your visa application. The Scholarship also provides a monthly stipend, an arrival allowance, a homeward departure allowance, a thesis grant, a grant for study materials, a study travel allowance, and a travel grant to attend Chevening events in the UK.


How do you qualify?

Sri Lankan students can choose any postgraduate course of study as long as it meets the one-year criteria. However, certain courses are more favourable than others, such as Law, Human Rights, Economics, Conflict prevention, Development studies, Good governance, Science and innovation, Financial regulation, Public Administration and Criminal Justice. Choosing from one of these courses may increase your chances of being awarded the scholarship opportunity. Additionally, this scholarship is intended for emerging leaders; students who plan to move into leadership roles as they progress through life.


How to apply

In order to apply, you will need to fill out the application through the Chevening online application system. Additionally, you will need to provide two reference letters written in English, a valid passport or national ID card, transcripts from your previous universities (both undergraduate and postgraduate), and your choices for three potential Master’s courses.


If you are conditionally selected to be awarded the scholarship opportunity, you will need to provide evidence of English language proficiency per the Chevening English language requirements. Furthermore, you will need to provide proof of acceptance for an eligible course of study by the required date in order to remain in the process.


If you are a Sri Lankan student with plans to rise into leadership, then you may want to consider applying for this Scholarship. The scholarship gives students the financial support that they need to expand their cultural horizons within the UK, further their education and build an excellent resumé. For more information, please visit http://www.chevening.org/apply.

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