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Belfast revealed as most affordable UK city for students

A recent survey has found that students in Belfast are spending the least money

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Ever wondered where the cheapest cities for students in the UK are? The latest data from NatWest shows that students in Belfast in Ireland are getting the best deal, followed by Southampton, Nottingham, Edinburgh and Manchester.


Interested? Read on to find out where you'll get the most value for money in the UK...


Rent and groceries

On average, students spend around £85 a week on rent, but in Belfast the average is just £45. Belfast students also spend the least on groceries, around £16, compared to the national weekly average of £24.  


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Study/life balance

At the other end of the scale, living in Oxford and Cambridge is the most expensive, with students spending over £110 on average per week on rent. Oxford and Cambridge students were also found to spend the most time studying, while also spending the most money on going out socialising - Maybe they have the study/life balance sorted!


If you like socialising, maybe Portsmouth is for you – it’s the most cost effective city for being a social butterfly.


Bristol is cheapeast for weekly transport and sports facilities

Sports and keeping fit

Meanwhile, if you’re a sporty person, maybe you should think about Bristol. Students in this south west city have the most cost effective options for sports and fitness.


The most cost-effective sports include Rugby League, cheerleading and netball – why not join these clubs at your university?

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Transport costs are unsurprisingly high in London. Students spend around £18 a week getting around the capital, compared to £3 a week spent by students travelling around Bristol – another plus for studying in the south west city.


The survey also found that on average, students spend 27.5 hours a week studying, 12.5 hours a week socialising and 4.5 hours in part-time work...Now that you  know that, fancy starting your studies in the UK?

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