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THE UK: Student Life

Five reasons why I’m proud to attend the most diverse university in the UK

Journalism student Charlotte Racher tells us why she's so proud to attend the culturally diverse University of Westminster

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International students are considered lucky to live and study in the UK to experience the quality education and vibrant culture, but as a British student studying at the most diverse university in the UK, I can safely say that we Brits are the lucky ones!


1. I’m proud to physically hear culture

Every day at the University of Westminster you will hear several different languages and accents. You could close your eyes for five minutes and have absolutely no idea what country you’re in (hopefully not because you overdid it at Westminster’s infamous ‘Messy Mondays’), but because we are proudly diverse university which can be seen and heard in every corridor.


Aylin from Turkey and Omar from Portugal, like many international students, make the university a fun place to be. These cups are not filled with tea, that’s why they’re smiling so much


2. I’m proud to have stretched my taste buds a little

At university you are initiated with a variety of ready meals that put your bowels to the test. However, make friends with international students and taste chicken with five flavours, food sprinkled with glitter and smells that don’t make your student debt seem all that bad. 


Tooba from Pakistan quite literally and metaphorically spiced up Charlotte's life


3. I’m proud to extend my cultural knowledge past Louis Theroux documentaries

Conversations with students from all around the world will give you an insight into cultures that not even Theroux himself could deliver. I’ve made friends with students from Turkey, Pakistan, Portugal and many more destinations that even your grandparents haven’t had a chance to cruise to and I can’t wait to meet more!


Noémi from Hungary and Omar from Portugal reading up on student magazines, while visually educating the British with their impeccable fashion sense


4. I’m proud to have the opportunity to understand different beliefs, traditions and social-norms

Without the huge influx of international students, I wouldn’t have experienced how differently so many people live and question the way we do things in the UK. From questions such as 'why do you put butter on everything?' to 'why do people keep putting crosses at the end of messages?', it’s ensured that I too become more inquisitive as to why things are a certain way instead of simply accepting it. I mean, it is a little weird to put a cross to symbolise affection. Although without international students I wouldn’t have been compared to the likes of Bridget Jones so much either. You win some you lose some.


Charlotte and her international friends might be from vastly different cultures, but they share an interest in being ridiculous 


5. I’m proud to feel part of a university that is accepting of other cultures
Post-Brexit led to reports of many feeling attacked and unwelcomed. That has never been the case at Westminster and the university itself issued an email expressing its support for EU policies. “We remain a globally engaged institution,” Professor Geoff Petts, Vice-Chancellor and President signed the pro-remain campaign email. An open-minded and culturally accepting mindset from our Vice-Chancellor makes me confident that the University of Westminster will be a consistent contender for the most diverse university in the UK for many years to come. 


International students at Westminster mostly love their time studying in the UK, except the time they ran out of wine at a university publication event


The University of Westminster - most diverse university in the world
The University of Westminster has been crowned the 'most diverse institution’ in the Hotcourses Diversity Index. It has 169 different student nationalities with the top 5 students coming from Italy (6.04%), China (4.92%), India (4.39), Poland (4.35) and the USA (4.12%).


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