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Finding a good University to study requires investigation. Apparently, that is a key word for those planning to find a reliable and safe place to study. London has a very large number of institutions and consequently people from everywhere in the world end up there striving for a quality education. However, that is not different with Brazilian people. It is known that Brazilians come to UK mainly on regard to economic prospects as well as to gain experience professionally/studying and then by the desire to travel the world. As the economic situation of the UK is not on its best shape, and Brazilians find their earnings far reduced comparing to the past, it is appropriate consider studying as one of the best options indentified to enhance chances on the challenging job market.

As I'm living in London since July 2008 and had a year to focus on my academic's pursue, it became easier to familiarize and get a step forward on my search. Working and living the daily life at the UK's capital provided me a wider knowledge of what the city has to offer. My hunt was based in 3 basic ideas in order to optimize time.

Firstly, I would recommend searching for the course you are really keen and eager to carry on. Remember, it is a long journey thru until you complete it. Applying for something which you do not desire may be frustrating and cost you loads of money. My intention on choosing International Business as a Post Graduation came from a will to widen up my knowledge about how the multinationals corporations function and understanding to which extent they influence economy. Subsequently yet another thing that fascinates me is to understand how these multinationals adapt its core cultural values to subsidiaries in different countries. Several organizations fail on their attempt to go internationally. Studying their processes polices and strategies are intriguing which led me to choose my master's degree on this subject.

Good quality environment and facilities available to boost your learning are important. It is advisable always to visit the universities that you are potentially looking to study. Fast Track sessions and monitored tours around the facilities help to establish empathy and confidence. London South Bank University (LSBU) fulfilled my expectations on it. The university has got various learning resources centres such as large computer rooms with relatively new and fast computers. A robust library with study rooms and a very helpful staff counted positively for me too. The lecturers are always bringing renowned writers to showcase and the residential weekend in a hotel outside London to assist students on their future dissertations is amazing. The university is traditional and reliable in South London however it is not ranked between the top ones due to numerous trivial reasons. The fees are considerably less comparing to others and paying in advance gives you 5% off over the total amount. The university has a strong focus on employability offering support to students on job hunt.

Location is essential too. Good students tend to spend time after the lectures at the university premises. Therefore, living near it may be an interesting idea. It might motivate you to use more the facilities. Would you imagine a situation where you extremely need a book and have to travel 30 minutes on the underground plus 15 on the bus to reach the university's library? Distance discourages students to keep relationship with the studying environment. After choosing LSBU, I moved to a flat 5 minutes walking from it. Saving time and money on transport is of utmost importance for students. Buying a push bike for your transport is a master action that helps environment, pocket and keeps you healthy.

At last, if you are Brazilian looking to start a higher education in UK, use the course finders on the internet as an engine to bring the most universities to your knowledge as possible. After screening the ones you found more connections with, then it is time to investigate what they really offer and if they match with your needs. Feel invited to using the tips above and good luck.

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