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Advertising is a phenomenally big business, which is constantly evolving and growing in complexity. Read more about what Hotcourses student editor -Tatsuya- has prepared for you.


Advertising is a phenomenally big business, which is constantly evolving and growing in complexity. To study advertising is to understand many different elements of human experience – business, design, finance and even anthropology. If you are looking for a degree that is both vocational and stimulating, a course in advertising may just be the right choice for you. Here to sell you the idea, is Hotcourses’ student editor, Tatsuya Ishii.

Life in the modern world is lived out against a backdrop of billboards, screens and gadgets that plug us into the ebb and flow of consumerism and its ever-evolving tastes. To stay relevant to the needs of consumers, corporations devote vast amounts of money and resources into creating a brand that sells.

To succeed in advertising, you need to be really creative, have an acute understanding of popular culture, and be versatile enough to work on a range of products – finding out the unique selling point of each and then promoting them in a way that creates or exploits a gap in the market. The subject aims to develop your understanding, skills and knowledge of the following:

  • Advertising strategy
  • Marketing communication
  • Consumer groups
  • Media 

If you are considering studying this subject, it is important to be familiar with the current media - especially online advertising - as well as being able to demonstrate creative thinking.

Typical course structure

  • A mixture of theoretical and practical approaches to any forms of advertising. You will be expected to show a good understanding of such approaches in essays, presentations, projects and exams.
  • Online advertising is a strong focus at several universities, therefore it would be beneficial if you have at least a basic understanding of computer systems and web technology.
  • A work experience module is compulsory at some universities.

Entry Requirements

If English is not your first language, you will have to demonstrate competency through an IELTS exam - Read more how to prepare for IELTS. Typically universities require grade 6.5 or above.

Many universities will ask you to submit a personal statement and attend an interview for entry. Remember to prepare for subject-related questions – you may want to read an article about psychometric testing for the interview.

Career Paths

As an Advertising guru, you will have a variety of career opportunities such as;

You will meet a lot of guest lecturers during the course, since universities usually have a close relationship with the industry. They would offer you a place for an internship, so don’t forget to get contact details from them.

Read more about student internships.

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