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The latest in Hotcourses’ series of subject profiles, this article is an insight into Digital Media Courses by Pakistani student editor, Arooj Iqbal.

In the present day, the entertainment industry is changing at great speed.  As technology advances, new platforms and delivery modes converge and develop. Due to this the traditional methods of design and distribution are being replaced. In order to keep up with the changing media and development world one needs to stay on top of the latest tricks and techniques. If you are an aspiring artist, a designer, or a communicator, then digital media could be the course for you.

What the course entails

Media is a very broad sector where the choices are endless. Whether you are looking at Undergraduate or Postgraduate courses, digital media has something for everyone.

A quality course in Digital Media provides you with a basic understanding of human interaction and communication as understood by philosophers, psychologists, anthropologists and sociologists.  This will provide an industry-focused learning experience where you can sharpen your skills in a professional context.

You can also take up work placements and internships and during your course in the Media industry, which could be your first step into the growing and highly competitive world of Digital media professionals.

Some of the skills you will learn during this course will be:

  • 3D Modelling and Animation
  • Web and Graphic design
  • Interactive media
  • Social Sciences and Social media management
  • Computer programming
  • Video post-production


Although universities and colleges have their own Eligibility criteria for courses, it helps to have some computer-related experience to begin with. Any experience in communication studies, design or animation is always desirable. Also, good literacy and numeracy skills are a must, as well as a good understanding of basic computer softwares.

For international students, an IELTS qualification is a must, in order to be able to qualify for institutions abroad. Check with your local British Council for the latest updates and test information.


No course is like a walk in a park. You will have many enjoyable moments as well as some challenges with this course. Most digital media courses have an emphasis on coursework, which means instead of being marked for your performance in exams, your coursework will determine your results for your study modules.

There is also a lot of practical work in this course; some group work projects, as well as projects you may have to do outside of university. All these are part of the learning experience and depending on your interest and passion for the course; you will either adjust or find these components difficult.

Career Prospects

There are plenty of opportunities for digital media graduates and professionals. A career in Digital media is promising and provides the ground for professionals to progress and prosper.

Firms recruiting media graduates range from Audio and Video equipment manufacturers, Television and Radio stations, Design companies, Film and Video editing and broadcast companies, 3D Modelling and animation companies, Forensics, Government agencies, Web design, Corporate communication, Special effect houses, and the list goes on.

The salary of a person depends on the experience they hold and the kind of a post they are holding. There is always an opportunities to shine for people who are talented and show creativity to grow immensely.

You may also choose to opt for a Postgraduate degree in a relevant or other course that interests you after you graduate. No matter what course you decide on enrolling in, Hotcourses can help you find the perfect course.

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