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We spoke to a lecturer of interior architecture and design (BA Hons) who shares her expertise and experience of teaching the course.


What one aspect of the course you teach do you personally look forward to each year, and why?

First of all, I always look forward to meeting the students. With a wide range of backgrounds and specific areas of interest, the group of students contribute a lot to teaching and learning. I also very much look forward to bringing current industry topics to the table, covering new trends, regulations, hot topics in interior architecture and adding some historical aspects.


There may be a worldwide event, issue or a particular building or architect/designer that can become a discussion topic in the student forum discussion groups or tie in with project briefs. It is really important to highlight what is happening in design right now. I use links to recent work of students and designers alike, for our students to get involved in the wider discussion. We also run interesting blogs.


Why is it an exciting time for prospective students to move into your field?

Interior Architecture and Design is such a dynamic discipline! It covers so many aspects of design; creative thinking, drawing, technology, 2D/3D, model making, environmental issues; sustainability, communication, research, critical and cultural theory. You also become very good at presenting work; using your visual and written skills, combined with graphics, photography and perhaps even film when composing project research, presentations and portfolios.


Can you give a few examples of the roles and positions which graduates have gone onto? As well as those you might expect, are there any unusual directions which graduates have gone in, or unexpected ways they have applied their qualification?

The opportunities for graduates on interior architecture and design are many. As I stated above, the discipline covers many areas of skill, allowing students to look for opportunities in design as designers, project managers, cad professionals, design concept illustrators, model makers, stage designers, design writers. Good interior architecture is needed in every area; residential, commercial and retail. Many other opportunities are also possible, such as setting up your own design business or working in multi-disciplinary practice, with other design professionals, combining skill and expertise for a unique outcome.


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