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Student Blog: My course in Creative Multimedia BA

So Young Bae tells us about her course, Creative Multimedia BA which she is studying in London, including some of the work she has already completed and some tips for future students.


'I am currently in my final semester of a BA in Creative Multimedia. My university is a foreign university which has a number of campuses worldwide. The London campus where I study opened in 2007 and is located just across from the beautiful Green Park. The London campus is relatively small in size which makes the study experience more personalised, especially because I am studying an art related course there are a lot of opportunities to learn and work more closely with the lecturers. The course Creative Multimedia involves graphic design including 3D and film study. Most of my lecturers run studios or work in highly regarded professions. While I have been studying I have witnessed some of lecturers receiving awards from artistic bodies from time to time. Sometimes if you are lucky you are offered one to one customised tuitions which give you the opportunities learn from the professionals first hand.


Because of the characteristics that design study has, our work is assessed on more of a project basis as opposed to an examination basis. We are also encouraged to write dissertations about the research of our future industry, which helps to broaden our knowledge about specific histories and the current skills that the media industry demands.


In my last semester I'll be in charge of creating a website, brand and graphic design for an existing architecture company of which one of my lecturers is acquainted. I am very excited about the opportunity I am given and the knowledge I will be gaining through this project whilst strengthening my portfolio.


I have already done some digital paintings for one of my previous lecturers who is a filmmaker in a renowned organisation which I believe will help to open doors for me. Getting a job as a student with no industry experience is not easy (especially in this financial crisis) and requires a lot of links and networking. In this ever changing art industry I believe that broadening the knowledge of real industry and getting hands on experiences as much as possible will finally help the students to find their dream jobs.'

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