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Student Spotlight: Global Business Management

Hotcourses talks to Karan Tekwani, an international student from India, about his experience in London.

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Name: Karan Tekwani

Course:  BA (Hons) in Global Business Management

University: Regent Business School, London

Country of origin: India


Q. Why did you enroll on your course and how did you choose your university?

I always wished to live in central London. The fact that I could also study there was a bonus more importantly Regent Business School –RBS- as a university is very well known for its personal touch involved in all the courses.

Q. Why did you choose the UK as a study destination?

London has always fascinated me with its history and heritage. Apart from the culture, it was the quest to learn from the diverse and the well experienced financial market that made me choose the UK.

Q. How did you feel in your first month?  

Apart from being home sick, I was directionally challenged almost every day, be it from college to home or from my gym to the nearest Tesco. Cooking was a task that I had to master if I had to survive my first month and, yes, I starved till I managed to crack an egg omelet to its perfection. Lastly the tube maps were just out of my league and now, I know it at the back of my hand.

Q. How did your institution help you settle in to university life in the first few weeks?

There were interactive events which helped to break the ice and I made many strong bonds. The counselor helped me overcome my college problems and also gave me an insight into the life of people in London, the professors made it a point to attend to all my queries personally and finally the other students of the college were warm and welcoming enough to make me feel at ease.

Q. Where did you live and how did you find suitable accommodation? 

I lived at Nido at kings cross during the first semester, but now I have moved in with my friends at Queen Anne Street, Greater London.

Q. Did you experience any culture shocks when you arrived in the UK?  

I have been born and brought up in Dubai which is not very open to the idea of drinking considering it being a Muslim country, hence the idea of bars and socially drinking at 6pm was the biggest shock to the eyes.

Q. How did you fund your studies?

My education is being funded by my father as it is not possible for me to get a suitable job without the completion of my degree.

Q. What were the biggest challenges that you faced in your first year?

The challenge of accustoming me to a completely new place without the guidance of my parents was a task, but thankfully I managed to overcome it through sheer determination and of course the support of my friends.

Q. How does the English teaching style differ from that in your home country?

English is the teaching language is all the schools and universities in Dubai, hence I personally did not find much difference.

Q. What are the best things about studying in the UK?

My college pushes me to do well semester after semester and the best thing about RBS is, that it somehow manages to bring the ‘academic’ knowledge and the ‘real’ world together which is the greatest experience for any student

Q. What are you planning to do after graduation?

I plan to pursue a career in the entertainment field as a talent agent.

Q. What’s the most valuable lesson you’ve learned since you started your studies?

Spread your wings and learn to fly, you might fall but some day you will rise high. Always try to learn something new, it might be tough initially but once you understand it no one can take that knowledge away from you.

Q. What advice would you give to other new international students?

It is important to come out of your cocoon and experience the real world because now is the time to educate your mind and soul. The outside world is where you attain experience and this is going to be your second home for the next 20-40 years so explore it well!!


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