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Student Spotlight: Liliya Tokmantseva

Liliya Tokmantseva gives Hotcourses an insight into her Marketing course.

Liliya Tokmantseva

Name: Liliya Tokmantseva

Course: Marketing

Study Level: Postgraduate

University: Royal Holloway University of London

Country of origin: Russia

Q. Why did you enroll on your course and how did you choose your university?

I did my bachelor degree in journalism and I really liked this profession as it gave me opportunity to exchange my observations and ideas with people. However, after my graduation I suddenly discovered that every good idea can be lost without good promotion. This personal finding brought me into PR and marketing. Therefore, my desire to get a marketing degree was a logical continuation of my background. I was looking for a university that is focused on marketing as an art of communications rather than a social science like business and management. Luckily, I managed to find MA Marketing course in Royal Holloway, a university with good reputation and high rating.  

Q. Why did you choose the UK as a study destination?

I was really excited about living in London as it is called a cultural capital of Europe. Besides, the example of some of my friends proved that if I decide to come back to Russia, my English diploma is very likely to double my salary.

Q. How would you describe the structure of your course?

The course is focused on communications rather than financial sides of marketing and business. At the first semester we had compulsory modules but on the second half of the year we were given an opportunity to choose the courses, according to our interests. I chose marketing communications, digital marketing, services marketing and marketing across cultures.

Q. How does the English teaching style differ from that in your home country?

The tutors do not expect you to learn things by heart, but try to encourage you to think undependably. We have only 2 exams but a lot of course works in which we need to be innovative and develop our personal ideas. At first sight, it seems quite simple; however, I know that for many students this system of education seems very challenging.

Q. How did you fund your studies? 

My family funds my studies

Q. What were the biggest challenges that you faced in your first year? 

The hardest thing was working on group assignments with international students who were frustrated by their new life in England. Many people had a cultural shock and, as a result, it was a bit hard to engage them into the study process.

Q. What are the best things about your course?

I really like my tutors. They are very friendly, open-minded and sociable. Several times we went out together to a pub where we could ask them for advice or and discuss our ideas with them in an informal way.

Q. What are you planning to do after graduation?

I am planning to apply for post study working visa and stay in London

Q. What advice would you give to other new international students?

Make your studies abroad a good value for money, use every opportunity that is provided by your university: be passionate about your subject, “torture” your tutors with questions, meet friends from all over the world, become a member of a students’ union, go to the career center. In other words, live a full life.

You can read an article by the head of marketing school at the Royal Holloway London, Alan Bradshaw

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