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'One of the main reasons I came to London was for the art. I have been studying art all my life and I was not seeing much from my university back in Korea since their focus in art was on irrelevant subjects. I dreamt of the diversity of creative ideas rather than go-by-book styled art and I decided to come over to London to explore the fullness of artistic environments.

London is one of the best cities to experience the internationalised-concept of art. It is also a great place to see the original masterpieces in its world famous galleries. My personal favourite place is The National Gallery which is located in front of Trafalgar Square. It is also connected to the National Portrait Gallery. Luckily, most of the galleries and museums have no entrance fee unless there is a temporary exhibition. My favourite artists are JMW Turner, Leonardo Da Vinci and Van Gogh. A number of their artworks are spread out in the galleries in London. The National Gallery holds the collections of one of the most historical artworks in the world. The magnificent space adds to the souls of the artworks.

If you like something a bit more fun other than viewing the paintings then Tate Britain might be a better place for you. They offer a small drawing room where everyone is welcome to participate. Paper and pencils are provided and each of the desks is located in front of a copy of the master pieces. Tate Britain also holds countless paintings ranging from master pieces to modern artworks.

One of the most active galleries in London is Tate Modern. Every week and month they open several modern art exhibitions. Tate Modern also organises occasional concerts especially for the impressionistic music genre. One of the most outstanding events was Tony Conrad's performance as he played music with power drills and electric volts. The concept behind the continuous sound was that the human brain actually creates tunes along with it. It was certainly an amazing experience.

London offers infinite events across the city continuously. The rare multiculturalism proposes freedom of art and it is definitely something that you shouldn't miss out in your lifetime.'


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