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Tutor case study: English as a Foreign Language

An EFL tutor tells us what students can expect from an English as a Foreign Language course...

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Name: Liz Porter

University:  Frances King School of English

Subject:  General English (English as a foreign Language course)


Q. What are the main objectives of the course?

The main objective is to improve students’ fluency in English, with a focus on speaking and listening. By focusing on everyday English, colloquial expressions and pronunciation, as well as grammar and vocabulary, students gain confidence in using their language skills in real situations.


Q. How would you summarise the course content and your teaching styles?

The course focuses on the main skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing, along with grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. We use a communicative-based approach, so a typical class can consist of discussion, role-play, reading authentic materials or watching video clips.


Q. What qualities do students need in order to succeed?

Students need to be committed to improving their English, both in the classroom and outside, to be open-minded, to be interested in learning about British and other cultures, to be happy working with other people, and to be aware of their own individual learning goals.


Q. What advice would you give to students who are applying to enrol?

The course is open to anyone over 16 and will be of interest to anyone who wants to learn English in a friendly, professional environment where care is taken to make classes as varied and creative as possible.


Q. What career options are open to graduates from this course?

Having a good level of English is a huge advantage when looking for a job in many parts of the world. In addition, students often leave the course not only with improved language skills, but also with the increased confidence which comes from living in another country and dealing with the challenges this can provide. Studying in a multinational environment gives students greater cultural awareness and sensitivity. These are valuable transferable skills which can be applied to many different areas of work.


Q. How does the course prepare students for the professional world and/or further study?

Many students take the General English course before taking further courses such as FCE or CAE, which gives them a recognized language certificate, or IELTS preparation classes, if they are interested in studying at a UK university.


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