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'Can international students work in the UK?' [VIDEO]

Watch the video below to find out whether international students can work in the UK

Cafe student job

Learn whether you’re able to work whilst studying in the UK as an international student. We spoke to Lizzie Huckle, Senior International Student Adviser at City University, London, about the work restrictions on international students who require a Tier 4 student visa to study in the UK.

Watch the video below from our Google Hangout with Lizzie Huckle where she talks about working conditions for those studying at degree level in the UK (there’s also a quick summary after the video).

  • Maximum—Find out the maximum amount students will generally be able to work per week on a Tier 4 visa, and how this changes during academic term and holidays (0:30)
  • Postgraduate—Learn how working restrictions may be different for postgraduate students (1:18)
  • Type of Work—Find out which types of employment you’re allowed to accept on a Tier 4 student visa (1:45)
  • Work Placement—Learn about the conditions under which you’re allowed to accept a work placement position as part of your study programme (2:25)


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