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DON’T PANIC! What to do if I lose my passport/visa?


What to do if I lose my passport/visa?


If you are a Malaysian student in the UK:

File a report at the nearest police station.

Make a trip to the High Commission and bring along a copy of the lost/stolen passport, Visa, Mykad or Birth Certificate if any.  Back up with the relevant supporting documents, which include:

  1. Proof of currently studying at a university/college (e.g.: Cover letter signed by a managerial/human resource/administrative personnel of the university).
  2. Government sponsored students are required to present a confirmation letter issued by their sponsors (e.g.: PETRONAS or Bank Negara).
  3. Download online, complete and print out the lost passport application forms (IM.42 & IM.42c).
  4. Two most recent passport photographs.


No booking or appointment is necessary (queue number system) and the standard processing time is within five (5) working days.

For damaged passports, although a police report is not required, it is best to bring your damaged passport to the High Commission in order to evaluate whether a replacement passport is necessary as certain airlines may refuse passengers with a damaged passport.

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If you are outside of UK:

First, make a police report. Obtain a new passport via the Embassy or High Commission in the country and make a new Tier 4 entry clearance application, where a full fee of £289 is applicable. At times, the Entry Clearance Officer may ask to see evidence of continuing studies (e.g.: a letter from the University/College they are attending) hence, it is best to prepare your documents.

If you were holding a Biometric Residence Permit (BRP), immediately email with the following details:

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Nationality
  • Passport number
  • Biometric Residence Permit reference number
  • Case reference number
  • Contact details
  • When, Where and How the permit  was lost, stolen or damaged
  • Police report reference number


A new entry clearance sticker or a new single-use/temporary BRP will be issued in order for you to travel back to the UK. When back in the UK, you are required to apply for a new BRP within 1 month of your return.

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