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'Where is it hardest to apply for a UK student visa from?' [VIDEO]

Find out where it is more difficult to apply for a UK student visa

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Learn which countries it is most difficult to apply for a UK student visa from. We spoke to Lizzie Huckle, Senior International Student Adviser at City University, London about where it's most difficult for students to apply for a UK student visa, why this is and what you can do about it if you are from one of these countries.

Watch the video below from our Google Hangout with Lizzie Huckle (there’s also a quick summary after the video).

  • Assessment Criteria—Find out the criteria for a UK student visa, and whether it is the same for all students
  • Political Situation—Learn how a country’s political situation can affect the visa application process
  • British Embassy—Learn which countries do not have a British Embassy presence and how this can make the visa application process more difficult
  • What Now?—Learn what you can do if there’s no British Embassy in your home country


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