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‘What documents should I include with my university application?’ [VIDEO]

Find out what kinds of students you should include as part of your application to study abroad courtesy of an American admissions officer.

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Applying to study abroad is a complex and time consuming process. It’s important that you include the correct documents in your application; otherwise you’re unlikely to be accepted.

Watch the video below as Richard O’Rourke, an admissions officer at Northern State University explains which documents students should expect to include within their application.

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Can you give the “perfect timeline” for an international student thinking of applying to the US? 'When I’m speaking with students I recommend that they begin 10-15 months prior to when they actually want to start their university programme.  That might sound like a long time but when we speak to students on arrival we ask them how they did their research, the students who feel most confident began in their final year of high school/secondary school or even